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10 Inspirational Bloggers With Invisible Illnesses

Recently after seeing someone being shamed publicly on social media for having an invisible illness, that people obviously couldn't see. But even though it was pointed out to them, they still didn't understand the illness and poked fun at it. My kids suffer from dyslexia, an invisible problem and although three of them are older and only one of the older ones has it severely, they still struggle with writing and reading. I suffer from an invisible illness, I have Bipolar, and although sometimes it is very visible when I am having a very hyper moment or day, sometimes I actually suffer in silence and having a stranger telling you to smile, often means I want to then rip their throat out. I have found 10 bloggers that all have invisible illnesses and you know what? It hasn't stopped them from reaching their potential. They blog as a way to cope with their illnesses and to share their experiences or the experiences of their loved ones. Please pop over and give them some support, leave a comment for them or share their posts because it could help someone that you know who is suffering in silence. These ladies are awesome and inspirational - what's your superpower? 

from Raising Moonbows says ''I have both visible and invisible disabilities. Invisible: I have dyslexia (both letters and numbers)and also struggle to be able to get out what I want to say coherently in words when trying to write them down. I have had people in the past make fun when I have written and also when reading telephone numbers out. I  don't care and blogging has helped a lot with the getting things out but still takes ages.''

from The Mummy Toolbox says ''I'm severely hearing impaired but this happened after I learned to speak so it's not obvious. I get easily disorientated and can't track sound in groups or busy places and people assume I'm rude or ignorant in public if I 'ignore' what they've said to me.''

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

from Latte Lindsay says 'I have IBS and people think I just get a wee tummy pain. Err no, try diarrhoea several times a day with severe stomach pains. Honestly, childbirth is easier, there are painkillers for childbirth. It’s a problem when I go out and people give a dirty look for using the disabled toilets. Trust me, you don’t want me in the stall next to you when my stomach flares up. Or people who use the disabled toilet because it’s closer or they get more privacy and I’m outside trying not to have an accident and I had a woman shove me out of the way so that she could use the disabled toilet with her toddler because there was more room and I “didn’t look sick”.

Carly is the writer behind Carly Bloggs ''I have a broken spine and bulging discs. I'm often told I'm too young to be that broken and I hate the "you're going to suffer when you're older" comments, I suffer now, I'm quite aware I'm going to just get worse thanks! It's also the looks I get when I'm having a bad day and I have my walking stick''

Louise from With Love From Lou says ''I have Scoliosis (which is a curvature of the spine) and because of this my shoulders always look like they’re super tense and hunched up, so people are always telling me to relax because I look so tense. It didn’t bother me when I was younger but it does now because it happens more and more often.''

Emma says
''My sister has endometriosis and so many people think it’s ‘just a bad period’. Awareness is slowly being raised now which is brilliant but it’s always a hard one for people to listen to as they think she’s talking about an intimate area and that time of the month so they become embarrassed listening to it.''  She has written blog posts about it and you can read one here Endometriosis-looking-in-from-the-outside.

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Breanne says
''I also have endometriosis - it's so horrible and sucks when you have to cancel things because of it. Lots of people assume there is nothing wrong with me and think I'm being ridiculous when I opt to eat a low inflammation diet or when I say I can't go out because of it.'' She has written about endometriosis here Endometriosis and me

Sally blogs at Life Loving and says  ''I’m allergic to the cold/cold water. When I tell people this they often just laugh and say me too! I normally have to produce my epipen, explain it’s as bad as a peanut allergy and tell them about an incident where I had to be rushed into hospital after getting too cold in the sea before they believe me''

 Holly from Life Of A blind Girl says ''I’m blind and have no useful vision, I can only see light and dark. People often say to me that I don’t look blind and act like it’s a compliment, I think they say this because I make an effort with my appearance and apply my own make-up so I don’t fit the outdated idea of a typical blind person.''

Helen blogs at  The Complaining Cow ''Don't forget the behavioural ones. That's in adults too. Particularly those of us born long before ADHD and Asperger's diagnosis! Every test I've done shows I have ADHD and it is only in the last 10-15 years that I have realised that I work at speed because of this and have hundreds of ideas and instructions spouting out of my mouth and can work on lots of things at once because I need to get them out of my head because of this. I just thought it was everyone else working too bloody slowly! Which frankly, is true in a lot of cases! Had an amazing PA in my last job who got me perfectly, previous ones couldn't cope she just prioritised my instructions perfectly and accepted that my sending loads of stuff to do did NOT mean I wanted them all done now! Some Aspergers in there too, I don't read people and take things literally, subtlety is completely wasted on me, don't see hidden agendas. Nuffink! Apparently, I'm really tactless, I think of it as honesty! I struggle with that! Luckily I now know to seek out certain friends who help me write things tactfully if needed! My old boss once said to me " Yes, that is absolutely correct Helen but if you ever want to work in Essex again I suggest you don't send it!" I genuinely saw nothing wrong with it! People weren't doing their jobs effectively end of! Not been diagnosed no point but a lot of online stuff says yup! Oh and friends and colleagues in children's services, particularly those in training now say "Yeah of course!"

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