Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Elf Pets: Santa's St. Bernard's Save Christmas

Tilly is 8 years old now and she said to Kim, her older sister that she knew Father Christmas wasn't real. This made me sad because here was my baby, losing yet more of her childhood innocence, my heart broke a little bit. So this DVD called Elf Pets: Santa's St. Bernards Save Christmas arrived just in time for us to restore her belief. She had previously asked for an elf to visit her home, she asked me why we had never had one before and I couldn't say 'its because mummy is lazy and can't be bothered' So I told her that she needed to write and ask for one from Santa. Luckily this DVD backed up my little white lie.

The story is all about Santa and how he finds out that Christmas spirit is disappearing and he will soon not have enough Christmas magic to bring Christmas to the children of the world. The film goes on to follow a family that are trying to get donations for local people who are in need at Christmas. Nobody is willing to give until the children show the town how they are sacrificing things to ensure other people don't have to go without. The film only runs for just over half an hour, so its great for the little ones that have a short attention span. The DVD is available from Amazon for £6.99, it would be perfect for a gift from the Elf or for a Christmas Eve box

Sometimes we forget about people less fortunate than us and this film has helped Tilly to understand that we need to help others less fortunate than us and that we might do something small to help someone but it means a lot to the person that we are helping. There is a good lesson for us all to learn from this DVD.

We received a lovely little package with an Elf, a game of bingo, some popcorn boxes and special golden tickets to watch the film. This actually really helped to bring a little bit of Christmas spirit back to our home. Tilly now tells us that she does believe Santa is real and I am so happy to have one last Christmas with her believing. The elf will be coming back in December because Tilly has sent her letter to Santa to ask for one.

What's your favourite Christmas movie?

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