Monday, 19 November 2018

Galaxy S9+ Review With Three Mobile

Recently I was sent a Samsung Galaxy S9+ to review from, I have never owned or used a Samsung before so this was a good chance for me to try it out and give an honest review. The Samsung S9+ is one of the newest phones in the Samsung range. The phone was really durable and as a person who just throws their phone in their bag, I was impressed that the screen never scratched. Even when my bag was thrown on the floor.

My first thought about the Samsung S9+ was that it is a big phone, it is has a 6.2-inch curved screen that is excellent for watching videos on and the sound is excellent. I have enjoyed using this phone to listen to my music because of the clarity of the sound. The phone is heavier than some of the phones that I have owned or reviewed in the past and it weighs 189g.

It has a memory size of 128gb and there is an option for expandable memory.

The camera is one of the most important functions on a phone these days, it has a few different selfie options from taking a normal selfie, Ar emoji and wide selfie. The forward facing camera has options of Food, Pro, Live Focus, Auto, Super Slow-mo, Ar Emoji and Hyperlapse. On the auto option, you have the choice of full view which means that the photo is taken in the size of the phone screen. In my personal opinion, this didn't look right to me. I much preferred it when the full view is switched off.

Live focus with blur the background and you have the option to adjust the focus to how you want it. The Pro option of the camera gives you the chance to use the camera as a professional camera, you can adjust the white balance and add colour filters to the pictures that you want to shoot. The food option on the camera, will automatically detect food and take a picture to the best ability that it can.

The Ar Emoji option is not quite as good as it seems, I was a bit disappointed with it, but it is fun for the kids to use. Tilly is 8 and she had a bit of a laugh with it.

The sound as I have previously said is excellent! It has surround sound with Dolby Atmos technology (Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus included) which gives you the best quality playback of your music and videos. There is a headphone jack for your headphones, but you can also use headphones with a c USB connection (the same as the charger connection).

The phone has Bixby on it, its an app that translates road signs if you're abroad and can't read the road signs.

This was a good phone for a Samsung, but I have reviewed other phones and found that they have always come out better for photos. But this phone has the edge on sound and video. I hated the fact that every time I wanted to use an app like Facebook and messenger, it would put the screen into landscape mode. This meant that the keyboard was wider and it was harder to use. As a person who uses social media a lot for my work as a blogger, I found this really frustrating.

Although this phone isn't for me, I know that Samsung users are quite passionate about the brand and if you are looking to upgrade, you can do at A 24-month plan is £79 upfront and £43.00 a month for a plan with 4GB data and unlimited calls and texts.

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