Tuesday, 27 November 2018

IPhone XS Max Review And Competition

Last Saturday we nipped to London to join in with a photo walk through Shoreditch with Three.co.uk. to try out a new iPhone XS Max and see how good the camera is on it. Shoreditch is a fab place to take pictures and it is always busy with photographers taking pictures.

iPhone XS Max is the newest of the iPhone family, and it has the most advanced LCD screen on a phone and is the largest iPhone screen about with a size of 6.5 inches. It has an innovative backlight that means the screen is lit up in all of the corners of the phone. The screen is the whole size of the phone and the colours are true to life. The iPhone XS Max has the most durable glass screen of any smartphone, and we know this for a fact because Tilly dropped the phone on the concrete and it was still intact (my nerves, however, were not intact).
The rear camera is 12mp and has a wide angled lens and you can get sharper action shots with the faster sensors. This is one of the things that are important to me when I get a camera. It means that you capture the picture as it is and there is no blurring where the person has moved so fast. You can see it in this picture of Tilly jumping from a bench and one of her mid-cartwheel.

There is a portrait mode on the camera. This is always my favourite camera mode because it blurs the background out to make the person in the front of the picture stand out more. This makes your photos look really professional.

The front camera is 7mp, not quite as good as the rear camera, but it's still a good front-facing camera. You can also take photo's in portrait mode when you use the front camera. The front-facing camera even picks up the small details on you. This is a great front-facing camera for all the selfie fans out there.

There is a pano option on the camera, this is a picture that Tilly took, and to be honest I am really impressed that it was taken by an 8-year-old. I know that kids are growing up in a generation of smartphones, but the iPhone XR is so easy for everyone to use.

There is a choice of filters and colours to use on your pictures and that can completely change the look of a photograph. This picture with Tilly against a wall looks stunning in black and white, whereas if it was in colour, it would be just another picture of her.

The camera works well in low light, which means you can use it indoors too and works well as the weather is more grim in the winter.

My Opinion?

I was really impressed with the iPhone XS Max, in fact I LOVED it. I found it easy to use, there is a lot of internal memory to choose from, you can either have 64, 256 or 512gb and there is a choice of 3 colours. You can have your own iPhone XS Max from Three for £52 a month for unlimited calls, texts and 4gb of data. There is an upfront cost of £250

We have a competition to win a Three Sim card loaded with £20 of credit and data/minutes and texts. Do you want to win it?

Just tell us in the comments who you would call with the credit and what you would say. It can be someone famous, someone, you love and isn't here anymore or someone that you love now. We will try and get this out in time for Christmas so you can pop it in someone's stocking. ends 17th December

T & Cs

Uk Only
Over 18s Only
All comments need to be over 8 words.
The winner will be chosen at random and our decision is final.

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