Friday, 2 November 2018

Making Videos With P20 Pro and Three

Is your phone ready to be upgraded or are you looking for a phone for someone for Christmas? I was always a die-hard iPhone user until the day that introduced me to Huawei P20 Pro on a photo walk with in the summer. I fell in love with the triple camera on the phone and you can read about the phone here. But we also had a go at making some videos on the phone. I am not confident at all with making videos on my phone and posting to YouTube unless I am drunk and relaxed, so making videos is a huge thing for me to do.


Luckily with the P20 Pro, it's so easy to make a video! I normally just point and film, then hope for the best results. Then I have to use a video editor to put the clips of film together, which is so time-consuming. With the P20 Pro, there is a pause button on the video option so you can film what you want, pause and then film the next part. To me, this is an excellent feature for people that want to make raw videos and don't have time to then go to a video editor after and sort your videos out. This video was made, using the pause button, between takes.

You have the option of using a flash when you film too. I have used so many phones over the years to film on and it is so dark and grim, but with this one, the flash gives you more options to help with the lighting. The sound coming from the videos is clear and loud too. And you have the option of filming in five different video sizes from HD 720p 1280 x 720 to UHD 4K 3840 x 2160. You can also choose the format of the video to be either efficient or compatible with the project that you're doing.

The camera also has a video stabiliser that you have the option to switch on and off to help stabilise your video that you're making. This function isn't available on high-resolution videos though so this would be something to consider if you are always using high resolution.

When it comes to filming, you can choose to film in normal, standard colours on your film or you can add a filter to add either vivid colours or smooth colours. This could really help you there isn't much light in the area that you are filming in. I know a few people that will also use the filters because they like their videos to stand out and look different to other peoples videos.

There is also the beauty enabler on the video option, this is one function that I never use. The beauty enabler will detect flaws in your face and remove them, but I am trying to teach my daughter that she is beautiful anyway but I can see this would be beneficial for some people.

I do enjoy making videos more, now that I have the P20 Pro, as long as I'm not in front of the camera. I do recommend this phone to everyone looking for an upgrade and it really is the best phone that I have ever had.

Other functions that I love from the P20 Pro are

Water resistance - it has a water resistance of IP67, I used it in the pool recently in Turkey
Photographs - the triple camera makes the photos so lifelike and the different options of pictures to take
Sound Clarity - my music sounds so clear when I play it.
Battery life - the battery lasts all day, even with constant usage.
Weight and Size. - it's not heavy and it fits in the palm of your hand. The screen is the full size of the phone too
Facial/ fingerprint recognition - this means only you can get to the details on your phone, nobody else can use it.

The P20 Pro really is the best phone that I have ever had. I rate it so much better than other phones that I have tried up to this moment in time. The P20 Pro is more affordable than you would expect for a camera of this type. You can get it on a 4GB Plan with all you can eat minutes for £28 a month and £29 upfront. Need more data? No problem, it is available in bigger data packages too. You can get more details on the Three website.

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