Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Nativity Rocks! Review

This year, as soon as it was November, I wanted to get all things Christmassy down from the attic, but Kim said no! So I have to wait a few more weeks apparently before we can decorate. Luckily though we were invited to the special screening of Nativity Rocks! at Vue in Leicester Square at the weekend. There is really was all things Christmassy and it was like a winter wonderland.

The Nativity films are always fun and will have you rolling with laughter, they remind me of my life and how unorganised it is too. This film is just as funny but with a slightly different cast. Mr Poppy has gone off to search for his Aunty in Australia so in comes his brother that nobody knew about to take his place. Even though Mr Poppy is played by a different character, he still has the same enthusiasm, gets up to the same mischief and has the same heart of gold. Simon Lipkin certainly gave the role his best!

This year the staff and children of St Bernadette's are auditioning for a part in a rock music competition, they are not only up against the other schools, but they are auditioning against the whole of Coventry to put on a show, that will win a countrywide competition. As with all films, there is a villain called Emmanuel Cavendish who is played by the perfectly cast Craig Revel Horwood. He is the director of the show that the town is putting on and he wants all the parts for himself. The overexcited Mr Poppy is helping the class teacher Mr Johnstone, played by Daniel Boys in his film debut and together they manage to pull the show off and everything is as it should be.

Nativity Rocks brings up some serious issues in the film, like the issue of Illegal Immigration and families that have to put work before their children. These are issues that surround us every day and it was so nice to see it explained easily for children to understand. The film showed how easy it is for children to be accepting and welcoming to anybody who is different from them. The magic of Christmas soon puts everything back into place though and families are reunited and people fall in love.

There was lots of laughter coming from the cinema as the film was being screened and tears as a family are reunited too. Christmas films always bring out the emotions in us and this film didn't fail to make me cry too. It's been 4 years since the last Nativity film and this one was different, it was less competitive than the previous films and more about working together as a team. The three girls that I took to this very special screening loved the film and talked about it for days after.

Nativity Rocks is in cinemas from November 23rd 2018 and stars Celia Imrie again as the headmistress, Hugh Dennis and Anna Chancellor as the disconnected parents Mr and Mrs Hargreaves. Helen George as the ditzy social worker and Ruth Jones as Farmer Beatie, who sweeps in at the end of the film and helps to save the day. But the absolute star of the film is Brian Bartle who plays little Doru, I think we will see much more of him in the future.

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