Monday, 26 November 2018

Peppa Pig Secret Surprise Reveal And Review

Just when you thought surprise toys couldn't be any different, we are delighted to be one of the first people to have tried the new Peppa Pig Surprise cube. The theme for series 1 of Peppa Pig Secret surprise is all about parties, which is one of the pre-schoolers favourite things and is launched today in the UK.

The surprise comes in a yellow plastic cube that looks like a gift with a ribbon on the top and it has numbers 1 - 6 on it as well as letters of the alphabet. The numbers have drawers and you open them in order from 1 - 6 to reveal 5 plastic bag that contains a surprise and a sheet of mini stickers. The surprises are all something to do with the biggest surprise in drawer number 6.

The surprise present comes wrapped in a plastic covering, so your child can't see the drawers underneath and have no idea what is to come. So unwrapping the outer packaging is the first treat for your child. The gift cube is educational with the letters and number on it and you can use it to teach your child the alphabet and numbers. Tilly struggled to open the drawers to start with because they take a little bit of pulling to open them, but that ensures that they don't fall out as your child plays with the cube or carries it about.

This is the first proper unboxing surprise that I have seen for pre-school children and it gives the child a proper toy from the Peppa Pig friends including  Peppa, Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, and Zoe Zebra, The parts that come in the surprise cube are all interchangeable with the different characters, which is good because pre-school children never keep the right clothes on the right toy.

Each cube has a surprise present, that you can open and place something into.
An accessory like a crown, rubber duck or hairbrush.
A sheet of stickers.
A party hat.
Fairy wings or a party cape.
One of the 6 characters to collect.

The surprise cube is made from tough plastic and is a toy in itself, it can be played with over and over again because it is a made of a solid plastic with no sharp edges. The box even has ridges on the bottom so the child can stack the boxes and build something else if they have a few.

Because the child plays with the cube after the unboxing, the only plastic rubbish is the little bags that the surprises come in and the outer plastic. This is the kind of toy that I like. The accessories are easy for the pre-school child to pop on and off the character and if they are lucky, they will get Peppa Pig, herself.

So What Did We Think?

Tilly is a huge fan of unboxing and surprise toys. She also still likes Peppa Pig and she is 8 years old. So she was excited to do this for us. She thought the accessories were really cute and loved what she got from the little surprise bags. She did struggle to open the drawers because the holes at the top of the drawers were quite small (but the toy is for a child between 3-5, who has smaller fingers) and she did struggle to open them. But as I said earlier in the blog post, its better than drawers falling out as the child plays. I love that the surprise cube can be reused to keep the child's little toy and accessories in, or even to use it for other things as they get a bit older. Tilly said it's like having a box with secret drawers. The characters and accessories come in glittery colours, that are not only pretty but draw the attention of the children too. Everyone loves a bit of glitter, whether you are 3 or 63!

The Peppa Pig Big Secret Surprise can be found with all of the pre-school toys in toy shops across the country and you can find more about them at and they cost £9.99, which is a good price for what it is. I have paid that much before for a character that Tilly has wanted, but the bonus of this is the surprise. These are being released in the UK in time for Christmas but will be available worldwide in the new year. Tilly also said that they are perfect for using as a small advent calendar. The week before Christmas is such a long time for the little ones and this would be perfect to help the days go by. You could open a drawer every day until Christmas Eve.

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