Saturday, 17 November 2018

PlayFoam Pals, Ideal For Christmas

What's going in your kids Christmas stocking?

Tilly was sent some Learning Resources Playfoam Pals to review. She is like most of the other kids in this country and she loves blind bags. These blind bags are slightly different to other blind bags because they come as a dome that contains glittery little foam balls.

Open the dome and you find the little balls of play foam, that you have to reach in to get the little plastic bag containing your surprise animal. There are 12 different animals to collect and if you are really lucky you will get a golden animal. The fun doesn't end with opening the animal, you take the foam out of the dome and you can mould it into whatever shape you want. The foam is great for making accessories for your little animal family, you can make chairs and beds for them to be comfortable. The foam is actually fantastic for sensory because it is so therapeutic to play with and I have never quite felt anything like it. 

The animals have heads that you can switch around, so if the kids want something different, then they can create a new species of animal. 

The Learning Resources Playfoam Pals sets always come with 2 pods full of different colour foam and a surprise animal inside them. The bottom of the dome has a stencil that the kids can use afterwards and there is an information sheet that you can tick when you get an animal and it has some fun animal facts for kids too. 

The Learning Resources Playfoam Pals sets contain 2 pods and they are £6.00 for a pack. They are excellent value for a gift for your child's friend this Christmas or for their Christmas stocking.  They are perfect for kids between the ages of 5 and 10, Tilly is 8 and she thought they were adorable. 

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