Friday, 30 November 2018

Smooshins Surprise Maker Review

Tilly loves squishy toys and always wants a different one. But can you imagine how much fun it would be to create your own toy like this? With The Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit, your child (or you, if you like) get to make your own Smooshie toys to play with. Tilly was sent one to review and give her honest opinion.

The Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit comes with enough pouches and plastic head pieces, face pieces and belly pieces to make 4 of your own smooshies. And they are so simple to make too because everything you need is in the kit.

You take a mould and place it inside the surprise maker, then you take a coloured pouch and squash and squeeze it to activate it. The pouch is white with a dab of colour, you will need to ensure there is no white liquid left in the pouch before you make the squishy toy. You need to put batteries inside the surprise maker. I forgot to do this and got as far as putting the colour pouch into the surprise maker and I wondered why nothing was happening. A super fast search for batteries then begun, whilst Tilly kept squishing the pouch that we had activated. Don't take too long to add the pouch to the surprise maker because it will start to set in the pouch. 

When the pouch is inserted into the surprise maker, you take the squeezing tool and pop the pouch inside it and squeeze the contents of the pouch into the surprise maker. Give the surprise maker a small tap on the top, this helped us to fill the mould better and get it into the corners. When it's done, you leave the pouch in place and press the bow on the front. This lights up and flashes for 4 hours whilst your Smooshie starts to set in the mould. After 4 hours the light stays on and it is an indication that the Smooshie is ready to come out of the surprise maker, take it out of the maker but leave the Smooshie inside the mould. You can now take the pouch from the top of the surprise maker too. 

Remove the outer part of the mould, this is the plastic white egg shape and it reveals a hard plastic mould. Lay the Smooshie mould down on the side and leave it overnight to finish it off. Then you need to use the squeeze tool again, take the bow off the end and it becomes a kind of screwdriver to open the mould. Remove the Smooshie from the mould and open the blind bags with the plastic body pieces inside it. The plastic body pieces will fit the shapes of the mould, so you can mix and match with another Smooshie but the body pieces need to fit the shapes on the Smooshies. Your Smooshie is ready to play with now. 

When kids play with this they get a real feeling of achievement because they have created something from nothing. It is a cool toy and I think it would go down well for Christmas. The Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit is available in Smyths for £36.99 and you can buy replacement pouches as and when you need them for £6.99 and replacement Moulds and pouch kits for £9.99 (all prices are correct at Smyths Toy Shop at the time of writing this). Tilly absolutlely loved this surprise maker, it was easy for her to use and I thought it was good value for money, for the emjoyment it brings her.

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