Thursday, 8 November 2018

Tilly's Dyslexia Update

We have had Tilly's SEN meeting today, and for those that don't know, Tilly has dyslexia. We meet with the school 3 times a year and discuss how she is progressing and set targets for the next few months. This meeting was the same as the others, but this time we found out that she is only one term behind the other children in her class. That is a huge step for Tilly because when she was first diagnosed, she was 2 years behind what she should have been. I am so proud of the determination that she has every single day.

She still has some problems like spelling things phonetically, instead of how they really spell and that's something that she will always have a problem with. Yet, she never EVER lets it get her down! Tilly always pushes herself to do better, and actually enjoys reading and writing now. She is struggling with some of her times tables, but don't we all?

But what actually surprised me in the meeting was that it was bought up about Tilly's mindset. I have written previously about how we encourage her to be positive in herself and to people around her. I really believe that this has helped Tilly to achieve the things that she does every day. She is so happy at school and even when she reads to me at home, there is some fantastic enthusiasm in her voice. I love that she has such a positive mindset about everything and that she has so much passion and love for everything that she does. She has come such a long over the past few years, I don't know if she knows how proud I am of her.

We never have looked at Tilly's dyslexia as a problem, we have never used dyslexia as an excuse and we deal with the challenges as they arise. Having Kim at home, who is also dyslexic has helped Tilly to be more positive too. She knows that Kim went to the local grammar school and then on to uni, so she knows that if Kim can do this, so can she! Tilly has her heart set on going to grammar school, but I do worry that I am setting her up for failure, the 11+ tests are very competitive and parents put their kids in for extra tuition before the tests, I can't afford to do that.  We still have a whole year to decide what is going to be right for her educationally.

One thing I do love about the SEN meetings is that Tilly joins us in the meeting and when she comes in the room, she lights it up. She comes over and gives me a huge hug and a kiss as if she hasn't seen me for weeks, even though I dropped her off at school a few hours beforehand.

I am so proud of my kid!

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