Saturday, 29 December 2018

Bumblebee Movie In Cinemas now - Review

We have been to the cinema a few times this year and each time, Tilly has watched the previews of upcoming movies and then she decides what she wants to watch. One of these films was Bumblebee. Now Tilly has never been a fan of transformers, she has never seen them on the Tv like the older kids did, but I think this real-life version of a transformers movie is an attempt to bring Transformers back to the forefront of kids toys.
The preview of the film looked lovely, A young lady meets a yellow car, who turns into a friendly robot. But the real film was quite a contrast to what we were led to believe. We took our seat in the cinema and the film opens with a full on battle happening on the planet of Cybertron, their fictional planet. The battle between the Peace loving Autobots and rebellious Decepticons. This upset Tilly as she didn't expect the film to open like this and to be honest, I should have prepared her but I don't know the transformers stories either. I thought we would have to leave the cinema, but she said she wanted to stay. She later got upset when the Decepticons attacked Bumblebee and slit his voice box so he couldn't talk.

The film follows the story of Charlie, a young lady, grieving the loss of her dad and struggling every day to get by. A feeling that I am so familiar with! She comes across a Yellow Beetle car that turns out to be Bumblebee in disguise and hiding from the Decepticons. They have an adventure and have to keep running and hiding from Agent Burns. The Decepticons are very deceptive and convince the humans that Bumblebee is guilty of being a criminal and there is a real cat and mouse game going on.

The film is based in 1987 which was brilliant because it keeps the Transformers in the era that they were created and it was fab seeing the 80's fashion and hearing the music from the time. The film was very well cast with Hailee Steinfeld from Pitch Perfect 2 and 3 as Charlie and John Cena as Agent Burns. The fight scenes are really well made and look realistic enough to upset Tilly. The film is rated a PG and if your child is as empathic and sympathetic as Tilly, then it isn't a film for them. The film had comedy moments that even she understood, Bumblebee spits out a tape of Rick Astley singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up' and Tilly actually met Rick Astley in the summer.

I enjoyed the film, It was really good, realistic with the benefits of the CGI, and as a person who has never shown any interest in Transformers in the past, either as I was growing up or as the older kids were growing up. I actually enjoyed this film. The story is very familiar to E.T, but it was just as enjoyable as when I watched that for the first time too. The film was cast well and it goes to show that you shouldn't believe everything that people tell you in the film.

If you're taking kids, warn them about the fighting though.

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