Monday, 10 December 2018

Cbeebies Christmas Show 2018 Review

Christmas is all about Christmas Shows, it doesn't feel like Christmas if you haven't been to one, does it? Every year CBeebies put on a Christmas Show that you can watch from the comfort of your own home. But this year the CBeebies Christmas Show is also in cinemas so you get to see your favourites on a huge screen with surround sound. Yesterday we were invited along to Cineworld in Leicester Square for the premiere of this year's CBeebies Christmas Show which is Thumbelina. The stars of the Christmas Show came along and posed for photos with us and spend some time with Tilly and her friends. There was lots of fun in the foyer before we took our seats and started to watch the Christmas Show.

Thumbelina, in the cinemas, has an exclusive extra as you get to watch Justin Fletcher AKA Mr Tumble in a show made specifically for the cinema audience. No matter how old you are, you always join in Mr Tumble when he interacts with you from the screen and that's what I saw when we were in the cinema, hundreds of children were joining in without a second thought. The exclusive show is all about a countdown to Christmas and sees doors open to reveal little shows for the kids to enjoy.
Be prepared for lots of thumb wiggling and shouting out, there is, of course, the ''Oh no he isn't'' and ''Oh yes, she is'' in the Christmas Show. and that gets you involved so much that you forget the Christmas Show is on a screen. The CBeebies star put all of their efforts into the show and you can see the genuine enjoyment from them as the show goes on. 

A valuable lesson was learned at the end of the Christmas Show that Tilly picked up on, That is that you can be alone that you want to be. she is at an age where she can be influenced by what others think of her and what they say to her. I try my hardest to bring her up knowing that she needs to be strong enough to know that she is an individual person and she doesn't have to be something that someone else wants her to be. She is her own person, just like Thumbelina.

The CBeebies Christmas Show is a huge part of Christmas and to be part of the special screening did make it extra special, Especially as it also raised fund for Children In Need. You can donate here. As always the Christmas Show is well worth going to see, it would make a fantastic Christmas day out with your children. There was a wide variety of aged children in the audience from babes in arms to preteens. The bonus of watching it in the cinema is that its cheaper than going to a theatre to watch a Christmas Show too.

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