Saturday, 8 December 2018

Dating With eharmony, The Easy Way

Dating is a minefield, isn't it? Recently I have been exploring various websites in the hunt to find that fish in the sea, after all, there are supposed to be plenty of them out there, but all I can find are the sharks. There are plenty of men to choose from but then you get chatting and all they want is a one night stand or they are totally different to how they come across in their profile. So you have wasted so much time on someone who isn't who you thought they would be.

I joined eharmony to see if there was a better type of potential date there. After all, if you are paying for a dating website, you are going to find a man that is actually serious about dating and is looking for something more long term. You also find people that are looking for the same thing that you are and that like the same things as you do.

First I had to set up my profile, This is something that I struggle with because I never know what to write. But With eharmony you get a profile adviser to phone you after your account is set up and they call you to go through your profile. I didn't know what to expect from the phone call but it was awesome. The profile adviser went through the profile and advised me to expand on my one-word answers because they were not giving much about who I am.

She went through every step of the profile with me and asked questions about the things I had written, which helped me to elaborate on my answers. For example, in the section about things, I am positive about I had written 'My life and travelling to new places'
I was advised to open up a bit and write, why I am passionate about these things and what places I had been to, why I was passionate about them and why I travel. So I changed it to 'My life because I want to make every moment count and make some special memories with the people that count. I am also passionate about travelling and especially love to travel to new places. Recently I took my little girl to Istanbul, which was so beautiful. I am visiting Amsterdam before Christmas and Aalborg in Denmark after Christmas.' This gives my potential date, an idea of where I like to go, maybe they have been there too. The world is a big place. Did you know that 47% of single men and 36% of women describe themselves in 25 words or less – well below the advised optimum of 250 words? Be different and make yourself stand out from the others.

The adviser talked me through settings on my account and she told me how to change my account from the incognito setting. If you have this switched on, you can browse without anyone knowing you are looking at their account. This is a good idea if you are shy and want to look at profiles. I was also asked if I needed help with messaging or anything else. The phone call lasted for 40 minutes, but it seemed to go so fast. I learnt a lot from her and now feel more confident with building a profile. 

Every time you change your profile it brings you to the top of the updates page, meaning you are coming up on the timeline and you will get more clicks on the profile. It's a way of silently saying 'Hello, I'm here boys'. Also, make the most of the photos too. You can add up to 12 pictures, so use them. I had 6 photos live on my profile but was advised to add some more of my life, not just headshots and pictures of me standing around. Sharing pictures of yourself on nights out and on holiday will give the prospective future partners a better understanding of your life and social activities. You have the options of 12 photos, you might as well use them to your benefit. 

The profile expert sounded like she was talking to me as a friend, rather than an expert. She led the way I wanted my profile to go, yet left me to make the final choice in what I wanted to say and what I didn't want to say. We had a giggle as we went through my profile and I felt so relaxed talking to her. It's so easy to get an appointment with the profile adviser, you make an appointment and you get an email confirmation. You make the appointment around your own life, so it's easy to fit it in. You get a reminder email the day before too, so you don't forget. The adviser rang exactly at the appointment time that was agreed. 

She spoke to me about how eharmony works, when I first joined the website, I wasn't sure why there weren't so many local people to me on the website. But the adviser explained that I can only see the people that match with me. Eharmony work out the compatibility to match you with someone who has similar interests and feelings. You get matches and you can see how compatible you are on paper. She also told me when my profile will be in the spotlight so it will be at the top of the matches for the men that match with me on eHarmony. 

After the phone call from the profile adviser, I felt so much more confident and ready to go full steam ahead with eharmony. I was actually buzzing with everything that I had learnt from her and felt that I could make the most of my account. I feel like I understand how eharmony matches us up with prospective partners and I feel like I know what I am doing. The phone call was encouraging and very educational. Well worth taking part in, because it gave me confidence.

Eharmony is well worth the money to join. I feel safer using a dating website that you pay for because I know that the other people on the website are looking for the same thing as me. You get the added bonus of the profile adviser who wants to help you to find someone on the website and it is so much better to speak to someone in real life, rather than use a pop-up chat or email someone about the questions you want to ask regarding your profile. 

I am enjoying my time on eharmony and there is a huge difference between this website and 'free' websites because you get a better class of men. I really recommend it if you're looking for someone special.

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