Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Gel-A-Peel Mega Rainbow Kit Review For Christmas

We were visiting my son and his wife in Holland over the past weekend and we had a Christmas day with them. There were gifts under the tree and Tilly (who now wants to be called Matilda) had a pile of gifts to open. One of her gifts was A Gel-A-Peel Mega Rainbow Kit. The Mega Rainbow Kit contains 10 tubes of Gel in the colours of sparkle seafoam, sparkle fuchsia, sparkle coral, glow in the dark pink, sparkle crystal clear, pearly light pink, pearly lilac, pearly plum, pearly orange, and neon yellow. It also has 12 different nozzles that you can use with the Gels, 50 different templates to trace with the sheet of plastic that's included. Matilda loved this set because it was so glittery and perfect for Christmas time.

We were challenged to have a crafty Christmas and make some tree decorations as well as some crackers for the Christmas Dinner Table. So we took the pack of make-your-own crackers and Matilda coloured them in using the Gel-A-Peels. This did make the crackers feel heavy, so they are not ideal for the Christmas tree, but they look lovely on the table for dinner.

My favourite part was making Christmas tree decorations, you can actually use your imagination and make so many different designs to go on the tree. You could even design some for your windows and they would peel off after the Christmas season, then place them on a piece of plastic to keep them safe for next year. If you don't want to make flat baubles, you could always decorate some of your glass baubles to give them a more 3D look and make them more personal to yourself. You can use any design for decorations, you can either design something yourself or trace over a picture that you love onto the plastic sheet.

Matilda even made some earrings for me for Christmas, I'm not sure what occasion I would wear them to, but she was so proud that she had made something for someone. The set comes with one set of earing pieces, but it would have been nice if there was a few more. Making Jewellery is so easy, you simply place some Gel-A-Peel on to the gel tray and use the squidgy to smooth it over. When its dry, you just poke the earing parts through the dry Gel design and they are perfectly safe to wear.

The Gel-A-Peel's take about 8 hours to dry, so its best to leave them overnight otherwise if you try and remove them when they are still tacky, you will lose the design.

You can buy Gel-A-Peel Mega Rainbow Kit from most good toy stores for RRP £39.99.

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