Saturday, 22 December 2018

Gifts For Gamers And Geeks From Paladone

My kids are geeks and gamers, so Paladone is the best place to look for gifts for them because you can buy so many different gifts for Christmas for them. Recently we were sent three things to review and they were perfect for Kim and Zach.

Zach is the gamer, so we were ordered the PlayStation Inflatable Gaming Chair. The inflatable chair comes in a small box and did take some blowing up so I would suggest using a pump to inflate it.  But once it's inflated, the size is 110cm x 85cm x 64 cm, big enough for adults and kids to sit and play their games console.

The chair is designed on the iconic PlayStation Dual Shock 4 controller, no matter where you live in the world, you know what a PlayStation controller looks like. The chair is black and will fit in with any gamers set up that they have. The chair made of thick materials and even comes with two patches of puncture repair kit. The inflatable chair is an official PlayStation licensed product, so don't accept cheap imitations that will last you five minutes. you can see the quality in this inflatable chair and you know by touching it, that it is made of quality material.

Can you believe it has been nearly 25 years since the original PlayStation was launched? I still remember the day I bought Zach his first PlayStation when he was 6 years old! I was so proud about going to the shop and affording to buy one and the look on his face when I gave it to him was priceless, so when he received this inflatable chair, he loved how it reminded him of his first PlayStation. Even though it is a PlayStation Gamer chair, you can also play your other consoles too, as Matilda found out when she made herself comfortable whilst playing her console! The Chair is also available on Amazon for £20.24

We also got him a PlayStation Controller Mug, This is designed around the original PlayStation controller and is such a fun gift for a gamer. Retro is so fashionable at the moment and with PlayStation celebrating 25 years next year, then this will be such a nostalgic gift for someone. The PlayStation mug is Grey, the colour of the original PlayStation and it has the original PlayStation logo on it. The ceramic mug is quite heavy and the controller is the handle of the mug. When he opened this, for his early Christmas present, he was so excited because it bought back so many memories for him.

The PlayStation mug is an official licensed PlayStation product again, as the inflatable chair. PlayStation was the first company to ever sell 100 million units when it launched the original PlayStation (a bit of gaming trivia for you) and since then the brand logo has become a worldwide recognised logo. I think any gamer would be happy to receive this mug because it will bring back so many childhood memories of their first console.

The mug is a standard size mug and even though the handle is in the shape of a PlayStation controller, it is comfortable to hold whilst you keep refreshed as you play your console. The mug is available on Amazon for £12.99

Kim and Tilly are the geeks in the family, They love anything from Star Wars to Dr Who and this Star Wars Lamp was the perfect choice for Kim. It is a TIE Fighter Posable Desk Lamp that you can actually take with you and use where and when you need it because you plug it in with the use of a USB point. So if you're working late at night and don't want to disturb anyone, plug it into your laptop to use, or plug it into a USB plug to use it by the bed at night time.

The lamp is posable, which is brilliant because not only can you pose it in different fighting positions but you can also pose it so the lamp shine where you want or need it to be. Star Wars has been one of the most successful film franchises since the first film was released in 1977, so here we are over 40 years later and there are still new fans joining the Star Wars craze ever day.

As well as the TIE fighter being posable, you can also adjust the height of the lamp so you can focus more light on the thing that your doing (like reading a book) or you can light the whole room up. The TIE Fighter Posable Lamp is approximately 60cm high when fully extended. This is the perfect gift for a Star Wars fan of any age, from school-age children for studying to a grown up with a passion for new things, Star Wars. It will cost you £38.97 from Amazon and is an officially licensed Star Wars Product that is bought to you from Paladone.

Pop over to for all of your gift ideas and officially licensed products for gifts for your family and friends.

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