Monday, 24 December 2018

Mary Poppins Returns Film

Did you go and see Mar Poppins Returns over the festive period? We did and although there is always the doubt that when a film is 'remade' it will be rubbish, I still wanted to go and see this film with Tilly. All of my kids grew up on Mary Poppins, I don't really remember watching it when I was a child. But when I had mine, Video's and DVDs were more accessible to everyone. The kids loved the film and although Tilly had seen the film a few times, she wasn't so engrossed in the magic, like the older kids.

As soon as we heard there was going to be a new Mary Poppins film being made, I got her excited to go and see it, so here we were on Friday 21st December, the official day of release at Vue cinema in Thanet, awaiting the start of the film. We have reviewed many films before and I always go to watch them with an open mind.

the original Mary Poppins film was made in 1964, so it was almost 54 years to the day, that Mary Poppins Returns was released. Cinema has come a long way in those years and I did wonder if they would be able to carry on the second film, where the first one finished off. Do you remember the awful second trilogy from the Star Wars films, they were a flop at the cinema and they were far too different from the original films. BUT Mary Poppins Returns was made to look like the old film, it was as if the films were made only a few years apart.

Emily Blunt did an amazing job as stepping in to fill the role of Mary Poppins when you have seen a character played by someone for a long time, it's often difficult to think of someone else playing the character, but Its as if Emily was actually Julie Andrews! As soon as she comes flying in on her umbrella, you feel drawn into the film. Emily Blunt was perfectly cast as Mary Poppins. She is accompanied in the film with Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays a lamp-lighter in the film. Mary Poppins comes back to help the Banks Children again, but not Jane and Michael. She has come to help the children of Michael Banks. Their mother died a year before the film starts and the family home is at risk of being repossessed, so Mary Poppins comes in to save the day again.

The film is so similar to the original and there is also animation, that is designed similarly to the original film. There are fresh new songs to sing along to and they are catchy and easy to remember. For us, this film was fantastic, it was fun, engaging and kept us entertained for the whole time that it is on. The film has so many lessons of empathy, gratitude, kindness and its all about encouraging the imagination of yourself and your children. We recommend this film for a lovely family view.

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