Monday, 10 December 2018

Tights For Larger Ladies From Pamela Mann

If you're a larger lady, you will understand the pain of wearing tights! I hate wearing them because they roll down as you're walking and before you know it, they have crept under your bum and you are still trying to walk normally and hoping they don't fall further. This is the reason that I don't really wear tights - or I didn't until I received some Pamela Mann tights to try and review.

The Pamela Mann 50 Denier Curvy Super Stretch Tights are for the larger lady and go right up to a size 32/34 UK size. Finally, a company that understands the problems that we have with tights. Not only do they come in larger sizes, but they come in a variety of exciting colours too. I received charcoal and red for the purpose of review. Normally if I do wear tights, then I stick to black ones so I was slightly out of my comfort zone wearing other colours, but you know what? I loved wearing them.

The red tights are perfect for wearing at Christmastime and they really brighten up a black skirt that you might be wearing. I had so many compliments when I wore them and was asked if they come in different colours.

The grey tights were more discreet but were perfect for wearing for my job as a retail assistant.

The curvy super stretch tights are 50 denier, so they won't snag or ladder as you wear them, although, after a couple of wears, the tights did get holes in the toe areas. I have worn both pairs about half a dozen times each and they still fit perfectly well and they wash well because I wash the grey ones every day in the washing machine after work. The tights have a wider thigh fit, so they fit your legs better and they have a deeper body, so they fit over your tummy and bum so much better and the elasticated waist stays where it is. They are so comfortable to wear and I love how opaque they are too, they actually brighten up the black uniform that I have to wear.

I would definitely buy these again because, at £10.99, they are good value. I have paid £3 or £4 for a pair of tights before and they have laddered on the first wear and that's if they haven't rolled down already! You can buy the tights at

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