Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Hello 2019, Lets Get this Year Started!

Wow, another year is over and here we are entering 2019. As another year goes by, I feel myself scrolling back, even more, when I have to choose my date of birth on the computer or my phone. I actually get finger ache because scrolling back to 1972 seems so long ago.

I am excited for the new year, Tilly and I experienced loads of new things last year. We went to festivals and I took her on her very first beach holiday. She loved it, of course, she embraced the Turks and everything about Turkey. She soaked up so much history and it meant I saw such a change in her confidence. We discovered that we could get a coach from Dover to Rotterdam and went to see my son and his wife a few times over the year. We simply get on the bus overnight and wake up in Holland the next morning. Tilly has discovered Amsterdam and she has fallen in love with the city. Sadly I fear for what is going to happen after we leave the EU. How easy will it be for me to visit my son? Will it involve a visa every time I want to hop over and see him? Will the port of Dover be in disarray? So many unanswered questions. We have booked a sneaky trip to Aalborg in Denmark for the end of January, so we are looking forward to that.

I absolutely have no idea what the new year is going to throw at us, I am not even entering the new year with any aspirations, wants or needs. I guess it means that I am happy with how I am at the moment. I am happy with where I am in my life and I feel a kind of contentedness about myself. I feel that life will throw at us what it likes and if there is a surprise around the corner, then I will embrace it or deal with it.

I am entering the new year with a cold virus! Something I really didn't want to happen. Today is the first day of the new year and I haven't got out of bed since Friday night. I feel like my body is saying, slow down - you're 46 years old, not 18 anymore. My head is banging as if someone is smacking it with a mallet. Making it almost impossible to lift my head from the pillow. I am rarely ill, but when you have an 8-year-old constantly asking you to make lego with her and show her how to make slime, when you are ill, its actually hard work. It is easier to go to work when you're ill, rather than stay at home!

I am ready to take on 2019, are you?

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