Friday, 25 January 2019

How Can You Hide A Cold?

Since Christmas, I have had a sinus cold and then as I thought I had got over that and then another cold hit me. So out came the cold and flu tablets, so I could still function as a parent, sales assistant and blogger. When you work with the public, you have to put on an appearance and nobody wants to be served by someone sniffling with a red nose. Besides, having a cold isn't the best look to wear, is it? So do you know what the best ways are to hide a cold, even though inside you feel like you are dying? We have some tips here for you.

  • Waterproof Mascara will not run even though your eyes are streaming with water. Watery eyes are a tell-tale sign of a cold and if you wear makeup, you will find your mascara smudging throughout the day. 
  • Lip Balms will help with your dry lips. When I have a cold I find that I start to dehydrate, even though I seem to be drinking loads of water. This dries my lips out too. A lip balm is good in the winter too because the weather makes your lips dry and crack, so keep balming up. 
  • Colour Corrector will help you to hide the redness on your face and underneath your nose. just apply green concealer to the red patches and it will tone down the redness, making your face look 'normal' 
  • Eye Drops for tired eyes will help you to look more awake and with it. When you have a cold, you don't sleep properly and you wake up feeling even more tired than when you went to bed. Eye drops will give you a bit of sparkle back. Eye drops will also lubricate the eyes and remove the redness.
  • Cold Sores are so easy to get when you're run down. They don't look good and you can use cold sore cream to help stop the cold sore growing before it really hits. But if it takes hold too fast, you can easily hide it with a bit of vaseline over the cold sore and apply some concealer with a cotton bud. Then bin the cotton bud, never use your concealer wand. 
  • Cold And Flu Tablets hide so much of a cold. Sometimes the only way I can function is by taking Day and Night Nurse. I have found it is the only thing that helps me function because it masks all of the symptoms. 
  • Red Puffy Eyes can be hidden by a quick home remedy like cold tea bags or cucumber slices. on your eyes. You can also buy some eye face masks from your local drug store. 
  • Brightening Moisturisers will hide the dull and tired look that we wear when we have a cold. Your skin dries out in the winter and is even worse in the winter when you have a cold. So the moisturiser will help to make your skin softer and brighter. 
  • Wear A Bright Lipstick to brighten up your face too if you are too pale and if you need some more brightening on your face, add a peach coloured lipstick or lip gloss.

Hopefully, you will get through the winter without having a cold or flu, but do you have any tips for hiding a cold? 

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