Tuesday, 22 January 2019

It's Okay To Stay The Same At Slimming World

Yesterday was Monday and Monday means weigh in day. The last week involved wine, lots of wine so I didn't know what to expect when I stepped on the scales. I knew I had been good all week and just blown it all at a party at the weekend. But life is for the living and I told myself at the start of my slimming world journey that I would never let any kind of diet rule my life. So I went along to the party, The buffet was full of pork pies, cheese sticks and cake .... more bloody cake! If you read my post last week, you will know how the cake is my downfall. I don't crave it, but if it's there, I need to eat it. Anyway back to the party, I took my own bottle of wine, so that I could measure exactly how much I was drinking - plus I had to limit myself because I had to get my kid home from Folkestone on the train at midnight, something that's hard to do if you're drunk!

You know what? I had a good night out and I counted the cost of the syns the next morning and no f**** were given because life is for the living and if you're not willing to actually enjoy yourself whilst you slim down, then should you really be doing it? Setting yourself strict targets and limiting yourself to things that you think you shouldn't have is a sure way to deprive yourself and not enjoy the journey. I have always said that I will still enjoy myself if a special occasion pops up, because if you're not happy when you're on a diet - should you really be doing it?

So Monday came around and I made Matilda walk the mile into town for that last push of exercise before we got there. I got on the scales and I had stayed the same as last week, I had maintained my weight. I was actually really happy with that, but even if I had put a LB or two on, I would have been happy because I had enjoyed myself. When I first started slimming world, I put on a LB one week and I went home and cried. I felt like I had completely failed in my journey. But then I thought to myself, you know what? It's only 1 LB, you will lose it next week, and I did. Staying the same and putting on weight is going to happen, it's not something you have done sometimes, it might just be your body. Maybe you're holding more water than normal, Maybe it's that time of the month, maybe you have been exercising more and your muscles are building up. IT'S OKAY TO STAY THE SAME OR GAIN. Don't throw in the towel, or get upset because my weight chart goes up and down like a bleeding heart monitor..... just as long as it doesn't flatline! Staying the same or gaining doesn't mean you failed, just find out why you gained and track your eating to see where you're going wrong.
Before I sign off I need to talk about my grapefruit breakfast. I thought I would be good and try a different fruit for my overnight oats, so I tried grapefruit. I thought to myself that it would be good as it was a speed food but oh my days! It was awful, as it slid down my throat it was as if someone was poisoning me.  I made myself eat it but it's safe to say that I won't be using that again. Speed foods are the way the diet works so make sure you eat loads of them to speed the weight loss up.

So things I learned this week

A bottle of white wine is 3 days worth of syns!
Grapefruit is the fruit of the devil!
I lost 6lbs last week so maintaining this week was fine.
That I can now fit into a size 20 dress from Primark, as long as its elasticated, and a wrap dress and I don't eat cake!

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