Monday, 14 January 2019

One Week Back On Plan At Slimming World

Wow! That is all I can say. I went to my weekly slimming world today and it was so, so busy. So I took a seat until the queue went down, but part of me didn't want to get on the scales. I have actually been finding it hard to get back on the diet since Christmas. I have craved sugar this week, really badly and I found it difficult to stay away from all of the sugar, sweet foods. I have been snacking on cherry tomatoes because they are sweet and sometimes take the craving away (plus they are speed food and help the weight loss). Maybe I am craving sweet things because it's coming up to 'that time of the month' but I am so Pre-menopausal that I don't even know when that time of the month is anymore!

Matilda had a slice of Christmas cake that she didn't eat all of on Saturday, she left it on a plate. I looked and thought to myself that I wouldn't waste it, so I ate it. I thought to myself that it can't be that bad. Eating kids leftovers are something that helped me gain so much weight in the first place, will I ever learn? I took Matilda to Messy Church the following day, They had cake... SO MUCH FRIGGING CAKE!. So, we got there at 10.30am and by exactly10.31am I had placed a small piece two large individual cakes on to a plate. Great! That was all of my syns and more used by precisely 10.32am. I really was having a cake fail week last week.

So today I joined the back of the queue, paid my £4.95 and held my breath as I watched the scales flutter between a few pounds. Then they settled and I had lost 6lbs! After all of the struggle this week with the sweet craving, and here I was 6lb lighter than last Monday. That puts my weight loss to date at 2 and a half stone since the last week of September. Imagine if I carried on like this? I could have lost 5 stone by the end of April.

When I started Slimming World, I never would have dreamed that I would still be here a few months later. The Bipolar means I have absolutely no staying power when it comes to committing to something, in fact as I am still blogging after 5 years I am surprised I am still blogging! Every week, I meet up with the regulars in the Slimming World group and we have so much banter and encourage each other. It's almost like meeting up with friends for a coffee, rather than a Slimming World group.

They asked me today what spurred me on, I said Matilda. She comes to Slimming World with me and she always claps and congratulates me when I lose weight. I sometimes think she knows me better than I know myself. Last week she said ' I think you will lose 6lbs next week'. How bloody right was she? Today I got my 2 and a half stone certificate, she looked at me and mouthed 'well done' and put her thumbs up. Kim encourages me too, she thinks about what I can and can't eat on the Slimming World Journey before making me a meal. She bought me things from Slimming World for Christmas too, I opened up a parcel and she had bought me some Hi-Fi bars and some small packets of skittles. I have a great support network at work too, my colleagues (who have become some really good friends) support and encourage me.

So I wonder what's going to happen next week, how well am I going to do. I said I would like to lose 2lbs, 6lbs was a big loss this week so I doubt it will be a big loss next week too. I am ready for this, head on!

Things I discovered over the past week

  • That I still love cake
  • That I have no willpower when it comes to cake.
  • I found some Heinz Beanz tins with flavours of Chilli, Curry, Barbeque, Five Beans. Some are syn free and others need to be synned a small amount. They make a jacket potato taste so much better and you can chuck them in the slow cooker with some mince to make a fab Chilli!
  • That I need new clothes before these ones fall off me in the street!

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