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Pokémon Treats From McDonalds Happy Meals

We love going to McDonald's! We don't have one in my town, so it makes it even more of a treat when we go there for lunch or even dinner on the run. Its convenient for parents like me, and it has healthier options for meals for both myself and my child. Another thing that Tilly loves about Macdonalds is having a happy meal, the food is just the right size for her to enjoy and she gets to choose what she wants. A happy meal consists of either a burger, a wrap or chicken nuggets/fish fingers. Tilly usually goes for the cheeseburger option and then as a side order, instead of the chips that are offered, she might choose carrot sticks and a bottle of water or milk as her drink. But did you know McDonald's also offer vegetarian meals in the happy meal option too? Tilly decides occasionally that she wants to be a vegetarian  (her older sister is one), so she has this option as a meal too. Her being a vegetarian usually lasts a day!

At the moment in McDonald's, they have a brilliant Happy Meal promotion going on. We all know that it's all about the toys for the kids in a Happy Meal and at the moment the toys are Pokémon - how awesome is this? I have 4 kids and they have all grown up on Pokémon, the older kids were fans when it first came out in the early 2000s and now they encourage their little sister to play Pokémon.

The Pokémon Happy Meal promotion started on 3rd January and there are 8 legendary Pokémon toys in the collection for you to try and collect. The toys come in a colourful plastic bag that contains your very own Pokémon and a Pokémon card. If you have kids, you will know how important Pokémon cards are to them for playing and trading. Tilly was lucky to receive some shiny cards in her packs too. The Happy Meal box comes in 4 different designs, each one containing one of 2 different Pokémons.

If you don't know what a Pokemon is, then here is a quick lesson for you. Pokémon live alongside humans or in the wild. Pokémon don't speak to anyone, except to say their names. Some Pokémon have owners that are called “Trainers”. During their adventures in games, Pokémon thrive and grow whilst becoming more experienced and then they evolve into stronger Pokémon. There are currently more than 700 creatures that live in the Pokémon universe. But you could own 8 of your own from McDonald's.

The Pokémon trading cards are used as part of a game and also traded in the school playgrounds by kids, the better the card, the more superior your Pokémon are.

The Pokémon toys from McDonald's all have names and they are all playable.

Groudon is red and open its mouth when you press the switch on its back.
Thundurus is blue and sits on a cloud when you tap him, he makes a noise, that sounds like thunder
Latios is a blue bird type character who has wheels underneath him and works as a push-a-long toy.

Palkia is grey and pink with a button on it's back that enables the wings to fly.
Dialga is blue and throws its head back when you push the tail down.
Latias is red and green that also has wheels to enable it to be a push-along toy.

Kyogre is a bird that can be used as a water squirter, simply fill it with water and press the button on the top.
Tornadus is green and purple and sits on a cloud, press the button on the back and a disc flies from the front.

Will you be collecting the Pokémon from Happy Meal? A Happy Meal will cost you £2.79 from McDonald's.

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