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The Top 7 Tag 2019

Thank you to Karen at The Mad House of Cats and Babies for tagging us in the top 7 post. You can read her post here, if you like and also find links to other bloggers. 2018 was a good year until December, and Tilly and I had many adventures. My blog was relaunched under a new name and I spent the year really enjoying the writing on there, it's my space on the internet. The top 7 tag is all about sharing my favourite 7 blog posts from last year, 7 things that we loved from last year and 7 things that we are looking forward to in 2019. Then at the end of the post, I will tag other bloggers who will then write about their 'top 7'.

My Top Blog Posts

The Best Way To Use Social Media To Your Benefit is all about how beneficial social media can be when you are using it for work, especially blogging. There is so much benefit from using social media and there are so many platforms out there to use. There are also downfalls from misusing social media, hopefully, this blog post will help those people just starting their social media journey.

Shaming Bloggers For Taking Low Payments is all about people who shame bloggers for taking low payments for work that they do on their blog. It really pisses me off! You don't know anyone's circumstances and you shouldn't judge the choices that they make. I have even written about myself being in debt and not being able to get out of the poverty trap. This was something that I felt passionate about and still, do.

Using A P20 Pro was one of my favourite posts because of how it came about and that it has actually helped to enhance my work as a blogger because of the awesome photo's that it takes. I blog for Three and they invited me to London to a photo walk in Shoreditch, Somewhere I had never been in London and it has now become Matilda's favourite places to visit and look at the street art. I was a firm iPhone user and had been for years, but suddenly I went back to being an android user and took out a two-year contract on my own P20 Pro.

What Does A Child Learn On Holiday During Term Time was written because I believe that kids learn more from visiting new places and seeing new things rather than stuck in a classroom. If I had the opportunity to take a trip around the world, whilst home ed-ing Matilda, then I would be there like a shot. She would grow so much more if she did that. This outlines what we learned when I took Matilda to Turkey in term time.

Finding A Swimsuit For A Plus Size Woman was a post about finding my confidence to take photo's in a swimming costume. A few years ago, someone laughed when I was talking to a friend in a pub about going to Turkey and wearing a swimming costume. Nobody should have their body laughed at, and it hurts when other women who are apparently perfect, actually do. So this was a kind of  'screw you!' post.

Mental Health - The Dark In The Room That Nobody Talks About, This blog post was about how hard depression can hit you and how it feels when you actually hit rock bottom. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to find your way back up again. Mental health is a nasty thing when you suffer from it.

What Can I Buy My Son From Jacamo I loved working on this with my son because he rarely gets a mention on the blog and this was perfect for us to bond over the blog, even if I did have to take 32,000 photos to get a few good ones. He lives in Holland with his wife, so it was good to take some good English fashion out there with us on a visit.

7 Thing s I Love About Last Year

I took Matilda to Turkey for the first time and we had such an adventure. We went to Alba Queen in Antalya and then braved a solo trip to Istanbul, the most beautiful city. It also meant that Matilda could say she travelled to another continent because we flew to the Asian part but travelled to the European part. Two continents in one hour - Awesome

Turkey on my own with friends, I have done this for the past few years and I love it. It is my 2 weeks off every year and Kim loves being at home and looking after Matilda. They have their own little adventures that I set up for them. I am so lucky to have Kim to be able to do this because without all she does I wouldn't have as much freedom to do what I want to do.

Camp Bestival was one of my highlights last year, We had an awesome time, despite the horrendous weather and falling ill with a cold. We met Rick Astley and Mary Berry. The atmosphere was great and we really are looking forward to going next year.

I went to a conference for my area and regional managers for my within Superdrug. I was asked to talk to them about the benefits and downsides of social media. It was such an honour to do and I spent a day in the beautiful city of Bath.

I loved watching my kids grow, even though some of them are in their 20's but I still see them growing. Whether it's as part of a married couple like Zach is with Amber or whether it's Kim growing on her blog and knowing she can use it as an outlet. Or whether it's Matilda and her becoming a tween and watching her become her own funny little person and cringing when she shows the same sarcasm as I have. No matter how old they are, they still have to grow.

I grew a little bit more confident last year, I became a little bit more outspoken and I found myself more at peace with myself and the way I am.

Going to Holland on the coach. The only time I had done an overnight trip with the older kids, it was to Disneyland and it was full of kids that were so noisy and some cried all night because they were overtired. It totally put me off travelling by coach. But last year I did it and I travelled overnight to Rotterdam a couple of times to go and stay with Zach and Amber. Getting a little bit more confident, helped me get over the fear of travelling by coach.

7 Things To Look Forward To This Year.

- we booked some £5 flights to Denmark in early December, I wanted to be able to travel at least one more time before we leave the EU and it becomes harder to travel if we don't have the freedom of travel. We are flying out on a Saturday morning and fly back on Sunday.

Slimming World - I started in late September and I have lost 2 stone, I aim to lose another 3 stone this year, so it will be interesting to see if I can do it. I feel so much healthier since I started and hope to carry on.

Ignite - I'm looking forward to going to this mindset and confidence event in April with Matilda. Mindset has helped her to gain confidence and be so much more positive in her life. The event is in Bath and it is such a privilege to be asked to go.

Gaining Confidence As A Blogger - This year I want to take my blog to another level, last year was all about rebranding and this year it's about climbing high on the blog. It's lucky that I have so much support from friends and family to help.

Camp Bestival - We are really hoping to go here again this year, Matilda. We had so much fun last year and its lovely to see Matilda be so carefree and enjoy herself.

Adventures - So we don't have anything really set in stone but sometimes the best adventures are the ones that are planned at last minute.

Spending Time With Kids - I am looking forward to making more memories with the kids, many more fun times ahead of us this even. We don't have much money but we can find other ways of making fun and being creative.

There is always so much to look forward to this year and I am ready to face them head-on. I am now tagging some other bloggers so we can see what their top 7's are from last year.

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