Thursday, 3 January 2019

Wacky Gift Ideas From Wicked Uncle

What did you get for Christmas? I gave a few things to the girls, that are different to what I normally give them. I like to think outside the box when I get them gifts and I managed to get hold of some wacky gifts from Wicked Uncle that made them giggle as well as being practical as an everyday thing to use. So what did I get them?

The first thing was for Kim, it was 6 odd socks in a donut box, this is so cute! The socks are rolled to look like a packet of donuts and they are designed in colours of sugar strands and icing. If your laundry pile is anything like mine, then odd socks is actually a  thing in your house too. Isn't it just easier to grab a pair of odd socks and wear them, claiming its fashion? I think these socks are an ingenious idea!

The set of Donuts - Six Odd Socks come as a pack of 6 and you can wear any sock with any other sock and you can wear different combinations over a 14 day period. They come presented in a cute donut box, The socks come in UK size 4-8 and they are sure to brighten up these cold, dull, winter days. You can get them for £13.95.

I wanted some socks for Tilly too because she is an odd socks wearer. She also copies her older sisters style. But as the Donut odd socks were too big for her, so we went for the Hop, Skip and Funk - Odd Socks set. These are perfect for pre-teens and teens, like Tilly. They come in size 12 - 5, so they are a perfect size too. They are full of vibrancy and fun, the colours almost psychedelic, there is also enough different combinations to make 14 days worth of sock wearing. The packaging suits the socks, although it's not a cute donut box, it is a fun psychedelic box. 

The Hop, Skip and Funk socks are £10.99 a set from Wicked Uncle.

The socks in both of these sets are thick enough to wear in the winter, they come up to just under Tilly's knees, so they will keep her really warm when she insists on just going out with a skirt in the winter months. They washed well and the colours never ran or faded. Although she did feel a lot of threads on the inside of the Hop, Skip and Funk Socks, making them slightly uncomfortable for her to put on. 

The final item from the Wicked Uncle website was also a wacky gift to give someone. It is an Ice cream Beach Towel for the price of £20.00. This towel is a full-size towel that is excellent for popping on your sunbed to save your place. Whenever we go to our hotel, we are given blue towels to use, but it means we have the same towel like everyone else and its difficult to find our sunbed. So taking your own towel means you will always know where you are. This beach towel is made from microfibre fabric, meaning its lightweight and will fold up a lot smaller than an average towel. 

The ice cream design is so much fun and the colours look good, the detail in the work is really good and it really does look like a giant ice cream cone. It obviously isn't your average rectangle towel and it isn't going to cover much when you wrap it around yourself. It is long enough to lie on the beach though because it is approx 180cms. With it being a microfibre towel, it means that it is going to be lighter weight to carry around to the pool or the beach and will take up less of your space and weight when you pack your luggage to go on holiday. The packet that it comes in looks cheap and did let the product down a little bit. 

As you can see Tilly loves this towel and even when it was 6 degree's, she still wanted to get down the beach and model it for you.

All of the products for sale on this blog post can be found on the Wicked Uncle website where you will get your items delivered within 2 - 3 days for the cost of £2.95 and if you're not happy with the purchase, you can return them. Please pop over and take a look.

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