Wednesday, 2 January 2019

When Racism Hits Close To Home

I live In a small town in Kent, right on the coast of the English channel. More recently we have been seeing asylum seekers risking their lives by crossing the 22 miles of the English channel Inna rubber dinghy, this is mostly done in the dark, throughout the night. The expanse of the English channel isn't as bad as some seas, but it is a very busy cross-channel ferry shipping lane, and when the ferries glide through the water, the waves can easily topple a dinghy or small boat over, drowning the travellers. So to want to do this, I'm sure you would have to be desperate!

But the thing that shocks me more is the number of vile comments on our local FB page about "shooting immigrants" and "drown the lot of them". I am sure that these people would not risk their life if they didn't feel they had no other choice. It scares me that people can be so nasty to other human beings, people with families, scared and penniless people. I worry for Matilda's future, I worry that the ignorance with just grows within the town or even country. I am bringing her up to be a compassionate little girl, to like all people regardless of where they are from and who they are. Yet she witnesses racism like this and it feels like we are fighting a losing battle.  

Getting angry and spreading hate and xenophobia across the social media of UK isn't on, and people think that as soon as we leave the EU, the illegal immigrants will stop coming. They have been fed wrong information because apparently being a mover of the EU is the whole cause of immigration to the UK. In fact, asylum seekers are going to get worse after we leave the EU because we will be on our own, we will be a vulnerable country in the middle of the sea, that will have to take asylum seekers. Send them back to France - they say, but France is not going to help us once there is no obligation to do so. 

In my town, if you sympathise with asylum seekers, you get called a Snowflake. You get told to take them into your own home and to not go running to them if these asylum seekers pillage and rape you. It must be true that they ALL do this because Tommy Robinson says they do it. Even though he has no evidence, he spurts vile messages and the not so wise people believe it and shares it with their audience.

I truly do worry for the future of Tilly and my grandchildren that I will eventually have, not because of the asylum seekers but because of the hate that people in this country have.

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