Thursday, 10 January 2019

Who's That Girl Pamper Kits

Have you got a pre-teen or someone that has just hit the teenage years and they want to wear makeup? They think that they have grown u all of a sudden and they want to start to pamper themselves. Although when Matilda wants to wear face masks or makeup, I am always cautious with what she uses. She has eczema, so I like to know that she is using gentle products. This, however, doesn't stop her from browsing the cosmetic aisle in Superdrug!

She is 8 years old and although I let her experiment with makeup at home, she isn't allowed to leave the house with any bright makeup. We were sent some products from the 'Who's That Girl' range to try out and give an honest review on. Even I was excited to receive this parcel because of the selection of goodies that they sell. Who says you can't be 46 going on 12? This is what we were sent

Who's That Girl Glitter Roots.

We are fans of glitter in our family and we wear as much as we can, even I wear it on nights out. So this was a perfect product to start with. It is a bottle of glitter that is already mixed up with some gel and its ready to apply straight away with the special applicator in the bottle. In the set, you also get a mini keyring glitter pot to take with you when you go out - perfect for school discos. The Glitter Roots are really easy to use and took no time to apply at all and the glitter stayed in for a couple of days because I wanted to see how long it lasts. The glitter stayed in place and didn't fall out when she 'swished' her hair. But like all hair glitter gels, it was hard to brush her hair the next day. We liked the little keyring because it could pop on a bag in case she wanted to add some more glitter. These are available in three colours.

Who's That Girl Mood Lips

We liked this product, purely because it was a clear lipstick that changed colour when it was applied and it looked the same as a coloured lip balm. It was a beautiful pink colour and Tilly loved it. It stayed in place for the whole evening that we were out, but again you get a little keyring Mood Lips to pop onto your bag to touch the colour up. It is a mood lipstick, but we never saw it change any other colour. I think I expected it to turn black when she got annoyed or angry. I loved the colour and the fact that it stayed in place like a lip stain but it looked like a coloured lip balm. I don't think I could have chosen her a better lipstick.

Who's That Girl Beauty Tattoo's 

The set comes with pens that have stampers on them with shapes on the end. So you can choose between a heart, moon and star, that are completely washable but they only come in black and it would have been nice to have seen them in another colour. The stampers are quite awesome and did work quite well on your skin but the metallic tattoos, are quite fiddly to apply because you have to apply them in big bunches and Matilda wanted them to go down her face. They were also really small and I felt like they barely showed on her face unless you got right up close to her face. The stampers literally take seconds to apply too, so they were really easy to use.

Who's That Girl Selfie Masks

These were the funniest of all of the products that we received from the range, we had so much fun with them. Although these are designed for kids 6+, there was no rule that said people 46+ couldn't use them either. You get three sheet face masks in a box, a panda, a unicorn and a rainbow. We live by the beach and the winters can be harsh and Tillys eczema flairs up as her face gets a bit dry. So these masks have a light aloe vera in them to help soften your skin again. So we tried these out on a girlie afternoon with my friend and we had such a ball with them. They were quite big for the face and as they are designed for kids, I felt they were too big for their face, they are better suited for adults sized faces. We laughed so much when we put these on, in fact, Matilda said that her ribs were hurting because she laughed so much. Sheet masks are very fashionable at the moment and they are the best way to apply face masks. Two of the masks are full facial masks and the rainbow one is a nose mask, which is great because that is a problem area for teens and pre-teens.

All of these products are safe for children and their sensitive skin and they last a reasonable amount of time. Our favourite product was the Mood Lips set. All of these sets are available from places like Argos, Smyths and Amazon. They are perfect for lazy spa afternoons at home for people of all ages and we had so much fun. They never caused any irritation on my sensitive skin or Matildas and the glitter is even perfect for Beards!

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