Friday, 8 February 2019

A Stay In Radisson Blu limfjord. Aalborg

When we stayed in Aalborg recently for an overnight trip we booked the Radisson Blu limfjord Hotel, in the city centre. It was about £108 per night but that changes all the time with the English pound going up and down like a yo-yo. We stayed on a Saturday night for one night and we had a double room.

The hotel was easy to find when we got off the bus from the airport and it is in an area full of bars and restaurants, so it makes a perfect hotel for party goers. The bus going back to the airport stops right outside the hotel so it couldn't have been easier for us.

The hotel is part of the Radisson Blu hotel chain and it was such a classy hotel to stay in. As we entered the hotel, there was a red carpet - that makes it feel special, even before you step foot inside. The reception is right before you as you enter the hotel and the women on the desk were really helpful. They found us a room and we were able to check in early, which was amazing because we were so tired and had just stepped off the plane. You get a card key that you have to use to work the lift and enter your room as well as other parts of the hotel, like the gym and sauna.

The room was lovely, it was spacious, it was clean and it had everything we needed. We hadn't taken things like shower gels and shampoo because of the Ryan Air baggage policy. So it was nice to see some in the room ready for us to use. There was a shower in the room, which is what I prefer in a hotel. The bed only had one single quilt on there so I had to go and grab another from reception. The room has a kettle and a fridge, that you can fill with your own snacks - I love this idea because it means you don't have to pay mini bar prices. There is a swivel chair in the room and plenty of plug sockets, there were even USB plug sockets which made life a 1000 times easier because of the phones and kindles charging and I only had one European adaptor!

There is a casino attached to the hotel and a bar downstairs where you can try some local drinks as well as grab a hot drink. I had Tilly with me, so I obviously never used the casino, but I wanted to. The bar area is where you have the included breakfast, This was the loveliest hotel breakfast I think I have had in a long time. It had a cooked English breakfast as well as a continental breakfast. You can even have an omelette if you want. There were pieces of bread, jams, cheeses and pancakes. I could have stayed for longer if I didn't have a flight to catch.

The hotel has a sauna, which was basic but Tilly had never been in one before and she wanted to give it a try, so we had our swimsuits with us and we spent a few minutes in the sauna, relaxing and listening to our chilled out music. Then we went to the gym where Tilly had a go at everything in the gym. She had been nagging me to take her to a gym for a long time, she has always wanted to go on a treadmill. So here we were on a little holiday yet I was being made to work out in the gym. It is open all the time because it isn't staffed and you just access it yourself by using the key card for your room.

I slept like a log that night, the bed was so comfortable and I didn't want to get out of it in the morning. But our time in Aalborg was up and we had to go home. Check out was easy because I had paid on arrival. So until next time ... FARVEL!

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