Saturday, 2 February 2019

Hello Slimming World, It's Been A Long Week

Hello Slimming World, Its been a whole 10 days since I weighed in. Not because I was scared of what the scales would say but I was bloody Knackered! I took Matilda to Denmark for the weekend and when you travel it is difficult to keep an eye on what you are eating. You can't read foreign ingredients and if you eat out, you never know how many syns you're actually eating. So I packed a little plastic box with carrot and cucumber sticks to take with me so that I could snack on them.

Unfortunately, these snacks were gone before I even got on the plane! But the thought was there. I had some HIFI bars shoved in my bag, but to be honest I forgot I had them and didn't eat them. We ate out in Denmark but chose Chinese instead of burgers and fries so that was the healthier option for me. Then Matilda thought it would be a good idea for us to go to the gym. AH MAN! I was on holiday but for the first time ever I actually ran on a treadmill. All the times I had used a treadmill in the past, I had only managed to walk fast but here I was running - it was only 600m at 6KM an hour but I ACTUALLY RAN. Matilda asked me why I can never run like that on the school run, I pretended not to hear her.

I was exhausted after our 24 hours in Denmark and spending Friday on the streets of London because we had to wait for a 3am coach out of Liverpool Street. I sent Matilda to school and went back to bed. Sometimes I forget that I am 46 years old, I was exhausted so I never made it to the Monday group. I stuck to plan from Monday and lucky that I did because my loss today was 3 and a half pounds. That means only 3 and a half pound from my 3 stone award. I must admit this milestone has been a hard slog to get to but that's because Christmas and January got in the way.

I am really happy with my loss this week after going to Denmark for the weekend. Maybe it was a good idea that Matilda insisting on going to the gym. I would love to start going to the local gym but its soooo expensive. The problem is that now I only have 3 days before weigh in again on Monday, so I don't hold out much weight loss.

This week I got adventurous and instead of using my Extra B on HIFI bars or porridge oats, I bought something different and I discovered Alpen Light bars. They make a great alternative to the HIFI bars and they are bigger. I found them in Sainsbury's for £2 and bought a box, but they are only £1 in Asda and the next day, I bought another 5 different flavours.

Things I Learnt This Week

  • Spinach is a great speed food for adding to meals and you don't know its there. It's great for iron, folic acid, vitamins C and K too. 
  • That Iceland frozen white rice steam bags are syn free, this is great for my lunch at work because I can just take one out of the freezer in the morning before work and it saves the syns of a microwavable pouch.
  • That I Really need a new coat, I have had to cut the button off again and sew it on further around the coat. 

If you are looking to lose some weight, please pop over to Jen's Posts about her dieting journey. She lost a lot of weight from following Slimming World. She is an inspirational read.

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