Thursday, 7 February 2019

How To Avoid Emails Going To Spam

Have you ever wondered why your emails are not being answered? Well, today I found out why. After receiving an email to apologise for the delay in reply, I was told that my email had gone to the spam folder of his emails. It is a bit annoying and I wondered why it had gone to the spam folder, but it can be for many reasons really. Here are a few to start with.

  • It could be you forgot to write in the subject line or you wrote just one word that is picked up as a spam word by the email provider. 
  • Personalise the Email so that it is directed at a real person, not just saying 'Hi'
  • Automate your emails to go at a certain time, make it a good time of the day and not in the middle of the night if you want it to go to someone in your own timezone, But if someone is in another timezone, then send it in their working hours. You might need to automate this for sure!
  • Make the email recipient want to read your email, make it full of all of the details but don't drag the email out with information that isn't needed. Be friendly and polite in your emails. 
  • Every so often check your contact list, sometimes people leave companies and competition entrants will leave a fake email address so they don't get spam from a company. There is nothing worse than sending loads of emails and then they bounce back to you. It's wasted your time. 
  • Make sure the email is relevant to the person that you are sending it to, nobody wants to read an email that is boring. 
  • Don't copy and paste emails because you can easily make the mistake of forgetting to change names to the recipients. 
Sending the right emails is key to running a business and if you get it right, then you will find that your inbox is always full and the emails you send will not be sent to the spam box. We have an infographic here to show you some more ideas about how to avoid going to the spam box in someone's email. Pop over to who has written about how to get more email subscribers to your website.  

How to Avoid Being Marked as Spam - Infographic by Campaign Monitor
Source: How to Avoid Being Marked as Spam by Campaign Monitor

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