Thursday, 7 February 2019

How To Take Photos In The Portrait Mode On iPhone XR Max

Having a portrait mode on a camera is a relatively new thing, but it has taken selfies to a new level. The portrait mode is a mode on the phone that blurs out the background and it focuses on the person in the front of the image. When I first got sent the iPhone XR Max from to loan and review I didn't use the portrait mode to its full potential, after all when you are taking pictures, you're usually in a rush aren't you? So I just wanted to point and shoot.

But having time to sit and play with the phone afterwards I saw there was so much more than the phone offered in the portrait mode. I offered after photo editing but still keeping the portrait mode on the image. In fact, you can adjust the depth to make the background more blurred or you can adjust it to unblur the picture if you took the photo in portrait mode by accident.

So when you select the portrait option on the camera, it zooms in on the person that you are taking a picture of and you have the option to use
  • Natural light - This will give you a true to life photo of the person you are taking a picture of, no faffing about with light, just a normal true life image.
  • Studio light - Brightens the image up slightly, especially good if the lighting isn't too good where you are taking the picture
  • Contour light - This option gives dramatic shadows on the photo and it intensifies the photo. 
  • Stage light - When you use this option it asks you to put the face of the person in a circle and it lights up that area, whilst making the outside darker. It gives the illusion of being on a stage. 
  • Stage light mono - This is exactly the same as the stage light but your picture will be black and white. 
But if you haven't used these modes and wished that you had after the picture had been taken, don't worry because you can adjust the pictures after you have taken the photo. Go to the photos and click on the picture that you want to adjust, then click edit. It opens up your photo and it still gives you the multi-option of photographs and you can flick through to see how good your photo will look with each of the options. It's so easy.

If you have used portrait mode by accident and want to unblur the background, you simply move your fingers over the depth option. It is set at 4.5but you can change it from 1.4 (even more blurry) to 16 (no blurring at all). I love this option because you can decide how much of the background you actually want to see. 

I love being able to edit the pictures after you have taken them because I am always changing my mind after I have taken the pictures. I always wonder what the picture would have looked like if I had taken it in a different way or if I had or hadn't used portrait mode. I love that I can adjust it afterwards and you can spend time playing about until you get the photo how you like it.

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