Wednesday, 20 February 2019

My Slimming World Week - The One With The Asda Bra

Hello, it's me here again,

I was so bust last week and never got round to writing a post, so I have combined 2 weeks into one. Here goes!

Last week I  went to slimming world this week, I didn't hold out much hope for weight loss because it was ''that time of the month'' and I gained half a pound. I had expected more of a weight gain to be honest so I kinda got off lightly. It happens, and it's one of those things but the important thing is that you don't let it put you off. I gained half a pound and still stayed for the group. The thing about the Monday group is that nobody judges you, nobody says anything negative about a little gain and everybody encourages you. It really is a friendly group, almost like going for coffee with friends. Losing weight slowly is a good way to lose weight, if you lose it too quickly, then it goes on easily too. I had lost 6lbs the week before and gained half a pound this week, but that seems to be a pattern with me too. I can have a gain one week and lose loads the next week. Our bodies are strange things.

This week I lost that 1/2 lb and I was happy with that but I am still 1lb away from that elusive 3 stone award! I think I have really lost my mojo at the moment, but I still stayed in the group and I always feel so much better afterwards. I have 10 weeks to lose another stone before I go to Turkey so it would be lovely to manage that. I got a free week this week, it was 10 weeks since I got to 10%. This is the only time that I have ever lost weight and managed to keep it off for this long. I just need to get over the lull of not losing weight. I treated myself to a cookbook with the money I saved with my free week.

So my huge news of the week is that I bought a new bra. The thing that made this such an exciting shopping trip was that I could only ever get my bras in Evans clothes shop or if I was lucky M&S, if I could get one in the sale. Being a 'G' cup meant that my choice of bras and where I could buy them from was very limited. The price label on them was also so high, but I managed to get one from Asda for £4 ..... Four bloody quid! I am used to paying around £20 for a bra. Another thing was that I had also dropped a cup size! I haven't bought a bra in Asda for about 10 years, so I wanted to shout from the rooftops that I fitted in Asda bras now.

Things I learnt this past 2 weeks.

  • I can now wear Asda bras again!
  • Muller Fruitopilis are the best yoghurts in the whole world and only half a syn.
  • I can wear pretty dresses again! 
  • When you're in a lull, its a good idea to keep a food diary and up your speed foods. 

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