Tuesday, 5 February 2019

National Burns Awareness Week - The Story Of My Burn

I can't believe it is a whole year since I got burned. It wasn't a bad burn, or so I thought! I was tired after working all day and commuting to and from work. It was cold, really cold and my house never gets wam in the winter. So when Matilda asked me for a water bottle after we got in bed, I had to go and get her one. I went downstairs, half asleep and popped the kettle on. I poured the water into the water bottles and went to put the kettle back on the side.
Only I missed the side and the kettle went falling to the floor. Luckily I had a pair of jogging bottoms on, so the water made contact with my skin through the trousers. I could have been so much worse if I hadn't been wearing clothes. I jumped in panic and I had red marks on the back of my leg. I didn't run it under water for long enough and it carried on burning my skin throughout the evening and I promised my friend I would go to minor injuries in the morning. I went to sleep and in the morning my leg was covered in blisters, I looked like a monster up the back of my leg.

At the hospital, I felt like an idiot and I laughed about what happened until the nurses actually made me realise how bad it was. I was told to take two weeks off work and rest my leg because I was at risk of DVT. They also told me that I might have to go to the burns unit in Sussex. All that from a hot water burn! I had to have each and every one of the blisters popped, which caused intense pain and I was given painkillers. I was sent home all bandaged up and told to elevate my leg. Luckily I had people around to help out with school runs and it absolutely did my head in, just laying there! After the first morning of laying on the sofa with my leg piled on cushions, I thought it was nearly time for Tills to come home from school, turned out it was only 11AM. I swear time just stopped.

Luckily I didn't need to go to the burns unit, and all I was left with was a scar. A really ugly scar on the back of my leg. It took a long time to come to terms with the scar because I really like my legs. It took 9 months for me to realise that I own the scar - the scar doesn't own me. I don't get embarrassed about it anymore and I was proud of my scar. I got off lightly because the burns were quite deep down into my leg.

I had a lucky escape. I never realised water could cause so much damage to your skin. As you can see The scar has basically faded, I have added a picture of the back of my leg and then adjusted it to see the scars a bit better. Without the NHS, I wouldn't have had it sorted out. I have so much to thank them for.

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