Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Pretty Pixel Eraser Maker Set Review

Its half term this week and we have kindly been gifted something that might actually help to keep my sanity for the whole week. We were sent a  Pretty Pixels Eraser maker kit to review and give our honest thoughts on it. When it first arrived I was excited to use it and couldn't wait to get Matilda involved in it too. Most little girls love pretty erasers and I was no different when I was a child too but with the Pretty Pixels Eraser Maker, you get to design and make your own erasers to use at school and home. The set comes with everything you need to make 16 full-size erasers and you can also make smaller ones too. The way it works is a really good concept but Matilda found it hard to get her hand/eye coordination to work together to make sure she built the eraser without any problems.

The set comes with

  • An Eraser Maker
  • Strips of Eraser rubber
  • Clear Spacers
  • Predesigned Patterns
  • Clear Patterns
  • Tweezers

You break some bits of the eraser strips and follow the pixel pattern on that you have placed on your eraser maker. It's easy to do this but we found that the pattern kept moving as Matilda added the eraser parts, so we built up the eraser maker with the plastic part that you to keep it in place, when it is in the microwave. The set comes with Tweezers but Matilda found it easier to use her hands to place the eraser parts into the pattern and we used the tweezers to push the bits into place. You need to make sure that you use the stand at the back of the eraser maker to hold it up at an angle, the little bits then stay in place better and don't fall over.

When you have finished the pattern, you add some water to the rubber. We made sure that it went in between some of the pixel parts too, this will stop it sticking to the plastic eraser maker and help bind the eraser together. Then pop it in the microwave for the suggested time on the instruction manual. This varies from microwave to microwave, depending on your wattage.

When you pop it in the microwave, make sure you remove it because it gets very hot in there and it can easily burn your child if they open the eraser maker. I allowed Matilda to pop it in and set the timer and then I took it out and put it in the cold water for 10 minutes afterwards to cool down and actually set. Don't be tempted to open it before it has cooled down and set because it will ruin the design that you have done.

What Did We Think Of It?

It was great to see Matilda build something out of nothing and she learnt so much about science from it too. She did get frustrated when she struggled to keep getting the small parts of the pixel to stand up and stay in the right place, but once I showed her that she needs to build it up row by row, starting from the bottom, she soon got the hang of it. She was so proud when she designed her own one and saw it go from just an idea in her head to being an actual eraser that she could use. The erasers do look how you expect them to be and I love that you can make them to your own design too. The Pretty Pixels Eraser Set is available from Smyths Toy Shop for £24.99.

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