Thursday, 21 February 2019

The Benefits Of Travelling By Coach

Sometimes we like to travel by coach because it is so much easier than other ways of transport. It's safe because they are fitted with seat belts and they are more comfortable than you think. Here are some reasons why we travel by coach.


You will find that travelling by coach is a lot cheaper than taking the train or even the Eurostar to Europe. It might not be cheaper than flying if you get a cheap flight somewhere but then you have to think about the added cost of travelling to the airport, leaving the car at the airport etc. You can even get the coach cheaper if you book early. Sometimes you can get a coach trip to Paris for something ridiculous like £5. We often travel to Europe by coach because of the low cost. Even travelling by National Express can work out cheaper than travelling by train if you by the tickets early enough.

Travel overnight

This saves money on you paying for accommodation overnight but you won't sleep as well as you would in a bed! It's awesome that you can go to sleep in one city and wake up somewhere completely different. There are positives and negatives to this kind of travel. You can often feel tired if you have a full day ahead of you before you can check into your hotel and if you never got sleep on the coach then you will be like a zombie the following day. When Kim was younger, I took her to Paris on an overnight coach, spent the day in Paris and travelled back the following night. It was hard work but totally do-able. Sometimes the night coaches are cheaper. Make sure you take a blanket to keep warm because it can get cold on a coach. The driver needs the air conditioning on to keep him awake and alert.

Local pick up points

This works well for us if we are travelling to Europe because we can pick up a coach at Dover Ferry Port because we live on the Kent coast. This saves us going to London to catch the coach. This saves us both time and money. Although when you arrive at some destinations in Europe, you will find the drop-off point is slightly outside of the city. For example, we took an overnight coach to Amsterdam and the coach drops you off outside the city and you have to get a train into the city, that takes about 10 minutes.

Recliner seats

Although recliner seats on the coach are a way forward for travellers that are going long distance, you still need to be aware of the people behind you. Recently we travelled from Rotterdam back to Dover and the lady on the seat in front of us reclined her seat so far back that I couldn't get Tilly's car seat in there and give her leg space. I asked her to put her chair upright more so that I could safely put her in and she refused. Then I had no choice but to sit Tilly in the aisle seat and sit next to the woman in front. She absolutely hated this and had to move her legs that were spread over two seats and move her bags off the chair. She was taking up three seats by spreading out so much. She didn't like that I was sitting next to her and she soon moved, I moved the chair out of the recliner position and Tilly could sit int he seat behind, more comfortably and safely. Nobody likes a selfish arrogant traveller!


I have a love-hate relationship with WIFI on the go because the signal drops in and out. And on some coaches, you get a minimal amount of something like 50mbs. But it's free and if you don't have inclusive data, its good to have there.

Charge points

An absolutely fantastic addition to a coach journey. You can plug your phone's and let them.charge up as you travel but can often not work. Keep an eye on your phone too because, on one coach trip, my phone was taken and ended up in someone else's bag. We rang it and he handed it straight over.

Meet new people

This is the best way to meet people from all over the world, they choose to travel by coach because it is much cheaper than other travel options and like I said earlier, you can travel overnight. Hearing travel stories from your fellow passengers can be really inspirational and you usually have something in common because you are travelling to or from the same destination. We have met so many different people as we have travelled on public transport throughout Europe and beyond.

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