Monday, 4 February 2019

Using iPhone XR Max In Denmark

When we went to Aalborg recently we were lucky enough to have borrowed an iPhone XR Max to take pictures and use the phone. We have used this phone before and written about our photo walk in Shoreditch, but we wanted to take it to Denmark because it seems so light there all the time and the houses are all so bright. I love the feel of cleanliness in Denmark.

So off we went on our budget £4.99 fight to Aalborg and we managed to get a load of photos. I used the picture in the Photo mode and I have to admit, I like this camera because the photos are so crisp on the camera. You do get other options of photo modes like the portrait mode, square and panoramic mode. I do feel that the portrait mode zooms in too much and you have to move further away from the subject that you are photographing, this isn't always possible.

I have tried to take a wide variety of photos for you to see the different usage of the camera. I have also taken video so you can see the quality of the video from the phone. I have always been an iPhone user, but in the summer I swapped to a P20 Pro because I loved the photography ability of the phone but this could sway me back to an iPhone.

I love that it was snowing in Aalborg and the camera on the phone actually picked up the snow flurries, making our photos more special and adding depth to the pictures. We also took photos at night too, this was to see how it would cope with the darkness of the harbourside. I think it did well!

The iPhone XR Max has a 12MP camera system, which is quite high for a phone camera and although the portrait mode zooms right in on your photograph subject, you do have the added benefit of the portrait lighting modes. This is excellent for those of you that love to take selfies and upload them to Instagram. When I am taking photos on the iPhone XR, I think it helps that the screen has the most advanced LCD screen in the world of phones at the moment and it helps to stretch the photos to the corners. This means you get real-life pictures and you can see it as you are taking the photos. The photos are so true to life of the subject that you are photographing. We also made a video of the trip, using the Iphone XR Max

Portrait mode on a camera means that you take a photo and it focuses on the person in the picture and it blurs out the background to make the image of the person look sharp and professional. I absolutely adore portrait images on a phone. You can also edit the picture to make more or less depth in the picture.

Photo mode is just your everyday mode for photos.

Square mode makes your pictures into a square, this is easier for superfast uploads to Instagram and other social media because it is the right shape for the social media apps.

You can get your own iPhone XR Max with for as little as £37 a month for a 64gb phone and 500mb data and 300 minutes. The more you pay for your plan, the better of a deal you will get.

I wrote this blog post with the help of a loan of an iPhone XR Max from If you like our reviews please also pop over to and check her blog out too.

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