Friday, 15 February 2019

Why Should I Take A Holiday In Term Time?

Here we are again and its the time of the year where people are looking at booking holidays but with Brexit looming and money being even tighter people are going to book more holidays in the term time. Punishing parents with £1000 like one school is doing isn't helping the whole situation. The government are responsible for putting parents in the position of only affording a holiday in term time and yet they punish them when they do it. We are actually backed into a corner and the government want more and more from the people that are working in this country. Sometimes people go to work, to just manage to put food on the table. That's why it is important that families get a cheap holiday and they have to take it when they can afford it.

I have booked a holiday again this year for term time, its the only time I could afford to go on holiday with Matilda. I could have booked for the summer holidays but it costs £1000's more and that means it is well out of my budget. Why should my kid miss out on a holiday abroad when she really shouldn't.

I know those holiday companies that inflate prices should be slammed for doing so, but it's not just the UK companies doing it. It is worldwide that prices increase with holiday companies and hotels, so there is no way we can stop the inflated prices across the world but we seem to be the only country that punishes parents for doing good for their kids and taking them on holiday. Whilst some schools understand the problem and are empathic to the wants and needs of the parents, they are made to impose the fine. The most annoying thing is that kids learn so much by taking a holiday in term time.

Don't get me wrong, there are times when there should be a total blackout on school holidays, times like SATS and other exam times are extremely important and no parent should EVER take their child out of school at these times, but term time holidays around these important times should actually be allowed because they benefit the child so much. Last year when we went to Turkey in term time and my child learnt more than she ever would in a classroom. These experiences are the ones that kids learn and remember forever.

My daughter last year learnt to swim in the hotel pool (PE), through the school she gets about 6 hours a year for swimming lessons. I gave her 10 days of unlimited time in the pool and she taught her self. So far this year, she hasn't had any swimming lessons through the school. She learnt some German and Turkish (Languages), from the people staying at the hotel and the staff. Learning languages from people from those countries are so much better than learning random words in the classroom. She learnt so much about the history of Side, in Turkey and went to old ruins, seeing real places is so surreal and it makes (History) real for them. We went to Istanbul on an internal flight for a day trip, this taught her where places were in comparison to where she was staying and actually going to a place that she only ever saw on a map. (Geography) and we visited mosques and learnt about the religious history of Istanbul (Religion). She got to use two different currencies whilst she was out in Turkey, She used the Turkish Lira and she used the Euro. Both are completely different currencies and she had to use the (Maths) to be able to convert the prices between the Lira/Euro and the UK pound. She also learnt so many different other things like cooking with the kids club, she met some awesome animals at the kids club and she did loads of artwork with them. So yes, my child learnt so much more by going on a holiday in term time. Had she gone in the summer holidays, there would have been no way that I could afford to take her to learn so much in Istanbul and visiting the old ruins.

So do I think that kids benefit from a term time holiday? Yes, in the right environment then they do. I think we have to understand that as a country and as a government. Because punishing parents for doing something to enrich their children's lives is bang out of order. The fines go to the local council and are never seen again, so who actually benefits from it? The local county council, that's who! The money doesn't even go to school.

So am I going abroad again in term-time this year? Yes, and we are going to Turkey and Greece, we are going to a different part of Turkey, where she will learn different cultures and travel to Rhodes where she will learn about the ancient Greeks. Kids in schools take excursions and residential trips, so why can a parent not do the same for their child? As long as a child provides a 'holiday book' as a project for their holiday, then their work is done. I have done holiday books with kids for years and they are a great way to look back in years to come as well as keeping all of the things they have done and seen in one place, we add postcards, receipts, tickets etc and Tilly writes about the holiday.

Going on holiday in term time IS educational for them.

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