Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Appalling Customer Care From Southeastern

Dear Southeastern trains

Well, once again the service you provide for commuters to get to work is absolutely and utter crap! I arrived at the train station in Deal to get the 09.31 train to Folkestone and due to a failure of something further down the line, I was still sitting at the train station 2 FRIGGING hours later. Watching as the screens said a train would be coming on time, but only to see it change and watching as it becomes more and more delayed until it was cancelled.

I get the 9.31 train because it gets me to Folkestone for an hour before I am due to start work. It gives me plenty of time to get to work, relax and actually function for the day ahead of me. I sat in the cold ticket office, nursing a throat infection and waiting for that damn train!

I used Twitter to find out what was happening and I was told that the trains would be more and more delayed. Yet the member of staff at the train station was ringing the depot at Ramsgate and being told different things. It was as if nobody actually communicated between each other and the passengers were being told different things - Nobody knew what was happening, even the member of staff at the station.

On Twitter, it was announced that there was a bus replacement service in operations. That was actually a load of bollocks and Southeastern later admitted that they were still waiting for the buses to turn up to replace the train service. You had hours to sort out an alternative service and I had asked before 10am if there was a replacement service, to be told no. You lied to the people waiting for trains and we didn't even get offered a hot drink as we waited.

Finally, after being told that the 11.31 train had been cancelled, it just rolled into the station. I got on relieved that I might finally get to work. The guard on the train was very apologetic and we travelled as far as Dover, picking up so many irate passengers on the way. Then at Dover, we were just about to leave the station when the guard made an announcement. She was so embarrassed and so apologetic but asked us to leave the train if we were travelling to any of the Folkestone stations because the train was now running fast to Ashford. We then got off the fucking train that we had waited 2 hours and had to wait for another train to come along. By now, you can obviously understand that I was furious. I wasn't feeling too well, the workplace that relied on me was being let down and nobody knew what the hell was going on!

I did eventually get to work, an hour and a half late. I then had to stay behind to make my hours up, this was only fair as it was a promotion change and I am not going to let my colleagues down or my company. Because when people work together to provide a service for people, it works really well. If I had let them down and not turned up, like the trains that morning then it has a knock on effect for the rest of my colleagues. The staff on the platforms and on the trains are a real credit to your company. You could see they were visibly uncomfortable and embarrassed. They tried to keep the passengers happy and dealt with refunds. They did more for Southeastern than the fat cats sat in the offices pretending to sort things out.

As for my day - it was crap, not only did you get me to work late. But having to stay late at work, means I missed my 9-year-old daughter performance in her Spring concert at school. Something that I will never be able to see again. YOU TOOK THAT AWAY FROM ME! I am absolutely gutted to have missed it.

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