Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Dumbo Movie Review

Last Sunday we got up super early to take a train to London. The reason we were going was to see the new Disney film that is being released on 29th March 2019. The new film is a real-life version of Dumbo. It worked with Beauty And The Beast after it was remade as a real-life film and Cinderella, so surely Dumbo would work just as well.

We all know the story of Dumbo and how he was born into the circus and his mother was ripped away from him just after he was born and the real-life version of the film follows the original story as close as possible so you feel like a kid in the cinema and it even has the pink elephants on parade, although it doesn't involve alcohol!

I didn't know what to expect with it being a Tim Burton film, his films are usually extravagant and very imaginative. I did wonder if the influence from Tim Burton would take all the innocence of the cartoon away - but he didn't fail to impress us with his and Tim Burton was the right person to direct this movie.

The story is slightly changed from the cartoon and it starts with Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) returning from the war, having lost an arm and he is now unable to carry on as his work on the horses in Max Medici's (Danny De Vito) circus. So Max puts him in charge of the elephants and with the help of his children he welcomes Dumbo into the world and because he was born with giant oversized ears, he is able to fly. Max sees this as a way to save his struggling circus and teams up with the villainous  V. A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton) to provide a huge circus and make money by promoting Dumbo as a flying elephant. Max Medici thinks that Vandevere is looking out for the circus performers but once he has his hands on Dumbo, he lets the circus performers go. The circus performers all have to race against time to save Dumbo and help comes in an unexpected form of Vandevere's girlfriend, Collette Merchant (Eva Green).

The Film has been right up to date and even at the end, it mentions that the Medici circus is an animal-friendly circus now and there were no animals kept performing. As with all Disney films, it finished with a happy ending and Tilly sat on the edge of the seat for most of the movie. There were still a lot of aspects from the cartoon but you need to remember that this is a real-life film and not a cartoon, so it's going to be different and more realistic. I enjoyed this movie, and I know Tilly did. She now has aspirations to join the circus and become a performer. There were mentions of Holt farriers daughter wanting to be a scientist and how they encouraged her to follow her dreams and do what she wants to do. Danny Devito plays his usual hapless kind of character and he suits being the circus owner. We recommend this film and you will enjoy it too.

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