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Energy Saving Ideas For Your Home

Costs of owning your own home are rising all of the time, it is sometimes difficult to make the ends meet with the wages that you get paid. Although the cost of living is on the rise, there are actually some things that you can do in your home that will help you to save money, by cutting down on the amount of energy that you use. Making simple swaps can save you ALOT of money over the years and it will make your home so much more energy efficient.

Boil Water In The Kettle Instead Of The Pan

When you cook your dinner, don't put water in the pan to boil, it takes too long and then uses up more energy than if you boil it in the kettle. So I always start cooking on the hob with hot boiled kettle water. It cuts down a lot of cooking time and I also use this method for adding water to the slow cooker.

Wash your Clothes At 30 Degrees

With the brilliant soap powders that we can get these days for our washing machines, we don't need to wash our clothes in really hot water anymore. The detergent will do the job of the boiling water and it will clean the clothes for you. Also if you are going to use the washing machine, make sure you have a full load in there, you are using the energy and water for the load, so you might as well fill it up properly. If you have a half load function on the machine you can use that too to save some energy.

Energy Saving Lightbulbs

These have been a thing for a few years now and these will save you loads of money over a year. Energy saving lightbulbs also last a lot longer than normal lightbulbs. If you are used to using a 60 watt light bulb, switching to an energy-saving light bulb will mean you only need an 11-watt bulb but you still get the same amount of light from it.

Dry Washing Outside Or On An Airer

Make the most of the natural sunshine and get your laundry outside to dry on the washing line instead of using the tumble drier. drying the washing on the line also gives that lovely outside, fresh smell to the laundry. Drying your washing outside in the summer is free compared to using the tumble drier. Using an airer in the winter means you can dry your laundry inside whilst your heating is on and also saves the cost of using the tumble drier.

Compare Energy Providers

Use a website to compare how much energy you are using to how much money you could save if you switched providers. It's simple enough to do, you go online, search out your best deal for what you want and then you apply to switch. Sometimes you even get a bonus if you switch to a certain energy provider. Recently I changed my broadband provider to save money and I received a £75 pre-filled Mastercard that I can spend online and in the shops.

Turn The Heating Down

Do you really need it to be that hot? Can you put a jumper or cardigan on? If you turn your central heating down by just a few degrees and you will save money over the next year. Don't put the heating on if you really don't need it. Turn off the heating in the rooms that you don't use, it doesn't make sense to have them on if you don't need it. Did you know that turning down the heating by just 1 degree will save you about £75 a year?

Get Your Boiler Checked Every Year

Getting your boiler checked every year because it will help with your energy consumption as well as safety for you and your family. Your central heating boiler might not be working as efficiently as it should do and then it will be making your whole heating system not work as efficiently as it should do. It might cost you some money to get it checked every year, but its money worth spending.

Monitor The Energy You Use

This is easily done if you are on a key or card meter but if you're not, then you can always get an energy meter from your energy provider. Energy providers have a goal of providing all homes in the UK with a smart meter by 2020. Smart meters tell you in pounds and pence, how much energy you are using and then it can be beneficial to help you to cut down.

Replace Products That Are Old And Energy Wasters

Replace the products that are not working as efficiently as they should do. These appliances could be costing you a lot of money. Over the years, energy-efficient products have been coming down in price and now they are more affordable for the average person to buy. If it needs replacing - do it! Whether it is your fridge, washing machine or central heating system, change it to save yourself money in the long run.

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