Tuesday, 5 March 2019

How to Build Self-Confidence in your Child

If you know that your child suffers from very low self-confidence, then you will know how upsetting this can be. You want them to believe in themselves as much as you believe in them, and with a little help, you will soon find that this is more than possible.

Give them Praise when it is Due

It is so important that you give your child praise when it is due. You also need to give them as much positive feedback as you can. Children, especially the younger ones, measure their worth and their achievements by what you think of them. You do however have to be realistic in your practice because if your child is failing at something or if they have no particular talent then you need to make sure that you measure the amount of praise you give. If you don’t then this will make it harder for them to know when they are truly doing well. Let them know that it is okay not to be good at everything and that you are always going to be there to support them every step of the way

Set Realistic Goals

You have to help your child to set realistic goals. Guide them when they are choosing their goals, so that they can eventually go on to achieve them. If you know that the goal that they have set is a stretch then to stop them from feeling failure, tell them to set smaller goals first. This will still help them to achieve their bigger dream, and it will help them to gain the confidence they need along the way. If you want your child to do well in school or if you want them to join a sports team then why not look at LeicesterHigh.com as an option?

Always Practice Self-Love

You need to love yourself before you teach your child to love themselves. You can do this by praising yourself if you do well. It doesn’t matter if you run a marathon or whether you get a promotion at work because you need to talk to your child about the skills and efforts that you had to use in order to get to where you need to be. Your child can then see this for themselves and they can model you as a result, which is a great starting point for them.

Teach them Resilience

Nobody succeeds the first time around. You have to teach them that there will be setbacks and that sometimes they will fail. You have to use these as hurdles and even learning experiences. Teach them that they do not need to dwell on the events or even the disappointments that come with them. Instead, they need to look at the bonuses of the situation. This could include learning more about themselves, or even the task at hand. When you do this, you can then begin to teach them how to be more resilient and this will really help them out in the future.

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