Tuesday, 12 March 2019

How To Have A Pamper Party

Wow, Matilda turned 9 years old at the weekend! I cannot believe how grown up she has become all of a sudden. I am not the type of mum that has birthday parties for her, instead, I would rather spend a day out with her instead. I am not a mumsy mum and although I love her with all my heart, the thought of loads of other kids running about a hired hall is the stuff of nightmares. So this year she asked me for a party and my initial thought was 'BOLLOCKS!!!'. I told her she could have a few friends to do something with, like afternoon tea somewhere or a day out. My friend has recently started a business doing pamper parties and I asked her if she would like one of those for her birthday.

Matilda has got to the age where she is starting to think about her appearance and she wants to experiment with makeup and clothes. I love that she wants to be a girly girl - but where has my little Tilly gone? She invited 5 friends and the preparations began!

We decided to go ahead and chose hairstyles, glitter tattoo's and nail painting as part of the package and I bought some sensitive face masks from Superdrug and some foot masks from Superdrug too. I had used the face masks on Matilda before so I know they are excellent for sensitive skin and they are not tested on animals.

Tilly had her hair curled as she was the birthday girl, we all like to be the centre of attention when it's our birthday. She also had some small plaits popped into her hair and they are still in, a few days later. All of her friends had plaits and glitter put in their hair and we all had face masks. The girls all thought they looked funny with them on.

For food, I just bought cakes and made some wraps with ham and cheese to create an afternoon tea. This is one of Tilly's favourite treats and it was so easy to put together with ready-made cakes and scones from Asda. They were just able to help themselves when they wanted something to eat then and could pick whenever they wanted.

When the girls came in, I gave them a party bag filled with beauty products. I had spent weeks buying things at bargain prices and they looked so fab when they were put together. We had nail files, body glitter, bath puffs, mini impulse tins, shampoo, glitter nail polish and other free gifts and cheap things that I had picked up along the way. I wrapped each party bag gift up separately in tissue paper, and I gave them to the girls as they arrived, then if they won anything in the party games they could put it in their bag.

When kids get older, it is hard to know what games to play at a party, they are too old for some games and not quite old enough for others. So Kim suggested a brilliant party game that they play in Brownies. We adapted it a bit to fit the party and it was so much fun to play.

You put a basket of wrapped gifts in the middle and get the kids to sit around it, give them dice and a sheet of rules. You have six numbers on the dice and six options of things to do on the sheet of paper. It is so easy to play if they roll the dice and get a one, then they take another gift from the basket but if they roll a four then they put a prize back.  If you roll the dice and get a three then you get to take someone else's prize. All of the prizes are wrapped and nobody knows what is in them, so the kids don't know what they are taking from someone. This game could be a really fun game to play on an adults party too. The girls loved this game and although it's harsh when you take someone else's prize, they are at the age where they know it's only a matter of a roll of the dice before they could get it back again. In the end, we made sure the girls all had the same amount of prizes that they had won, to make it fair.

The party was a success and all of the girls left with a huge party bag of gifts. Having a pamper party was exactly the right thing to do for Tilly, it was relaxing, it was lovely for the girls to be pampered and it was lovely to have someone else to do the party for us.

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