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Solid Wood Flooring Prices And DIY Installation

Surely, most of us wanted to install solid wood flooring on the floor of our houses, establishments, etc. Maybe because we knew that is really better in some aspects such as it is easy to clean and it is low maintenance, it is strong and durable, and lastly it can add up value to our house.

Solid wood flooring can still work and in place even if it is used for several decades. Some people choose to install solid wood flooring because it is easier to install and maintain. But because we knew
that it can enhance the look of our house, we were asking on how much it cost if we were going to
install solid wood flooring.

Professional Installation

Installation of a professional solid wood flooring is really worth the price. Just think of this scenario, professional installers can install one or more per day. But the opposite of it, you’ll do it once or twice in your life.

It still may be more pricey to hire a professional unless you are really skilled when it comes to floor installation. For instance, the company Home Depot charges their Makita compound mitre saw for almost $176/week, their air compressor for around $140/week and charges $156/week for a 15.5-floor nailer, which the total of all of it is $476 per week.

In addition to that, your wastage fees will increase if you wanted to have an expensive species of wood such as kempas and cabreuva. Wastage is the name of the additional amount of flooring that you bought. It receives the lower boards that are coming from a solid wood installation. But there is a time that wastage ends up in cluttering your basements, and there is also a time that wastage is used in different ways on the installation process.

DIY Installation

The do-it-yourself solid hardwood installation becomes curiosity and wonder because of the advent of a fold-and-lock laminate and luxury vinyl board. Compressor, mitre saw, and floor stapler is the three major elements of solid wood flooring installation. Few people surely owned a mitre saw and have a combination blade with around 80 and 100 teeth.

There is a different product than solid wood, but these estimates don't involve the engineered wood. Engineered wood costs about 10-15% more than the solid wood. For instance, engineered kempas costs around $13.72 per square foot while the DIY installation of solid kempas is about $12.50.

Factors Behind the Estimates

Each of the estimates involves the cost of the materials involving the underlayment. The total cost, however, involves labour in the sample of professional installation.

Prices are shown in the whole-room installation (100 square feet) and per square foot, for your convenience. Labour will be the most unsteady cost because it will change depends on where you at.

Things to Remember about Hardwood Floor Installation

You can add 50% of the cost and getting the buying price of the materials can also estimate the floor installation labour cost.

The cheapest solid wood flooring that you can purchase is the red oak, that is almost supported by the white oak. Meanwhile, the most expensive is the imported Brazilian cabreuva and the domestic cherry.

Hooks will take their price on your solid hardwood floor if you have a pet. Using a resin-infused replacement just like bamboo or picking a wood just like the Indonesian or South American exotics.
When it comes to a mitre saw, the wood flooring is tough. Just think of it when you were renting a house or a rental yard, even if you have one. It may not look great to withstand the pressure of cutting rock-solid wood like kempas while your own one may be sufficient and enough for domestic woods like red oak.

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