Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Supporting My Child As She Starts Blogging

So Matilda (Tilly) started a blog!

She got a laptop from a family friend for her birthday a few weeks ago and now there is no stopping her from becoming a blogger. She already has an Instagram account that is strictly monitored by me and also Youtube but she was desperate to be able to say she was a blogger.

I won't lie - blogging isn't coming easy to her, her spelling is hard and she needs to keep correcting her spellings but this is due to her dyslexia. I kind of figured that a blog would encourage her with writing (or typing) and spelling. Which in turn will make her feel more confident with her learning. So I am being as encouraging as I can, even though she takes days and days to write one post.

We thought about what to call her blog and as she had seen me rebrand my own blog recently, she knew the hard work that was involved in changing a blog name later on down the line and she was specific that she had her name as Matilda in her blog name. I love that she knows what she wants out of life and I am secretly proud that she is following in my footsteps.

I want her blog to be an extension of who she is and that means that although I can guide her, this has to be her own little baby. Her own blog ideas and her own words and writing - her own little corner of the internet and a place to call hers. She got a new camera for her birthday too, she has a big interest in photography and it's one that I am going to really encourage. She has a Kodak Bridge camera, it was mine but I only used it a handful of times before I got my P20 Pro phone and now I use that for taking photos instead.

Revealing The Random Musings Of Matilda, Please give her some love, leave a comment and encourage her as much as I try to do. I can't guarantee that she will write on there even once a week, but there are no rules in blogging about how often you write. Blogging is hard because you always need to have something to talk about and that's not always possible. Sometimes I can go days without having anything to write about because I get writer's block. For someone who is so opinionated in real life, this might seem strange to some people.

Her blog posts are small at the moment and I am sure they will get longer as she goes on. I remember my first blog posts and when I look back at them now I am embarrassed about how short and boring they are. The grammar was appalling and now I can see how much I have taught myself to be a better writer. So I know this will help Matilda with her spellings and grammar, I know it will help her to grow and I know it will help her to be confident.

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