Monday, 18 March 2019

Tesalate Towel Review And Competition

When I go on holiday, it's usually to an all-inclusive beach holiday to somewhere hot. That means that I want to take my towel with me to use on the sunbeds, but it means losing a lot of suitcase space for the sake of having your own towel. I have used microfibre towels before, especially when I was backpacking in Europe. I was sent a beach towel from Tesalate to review and hopefully take to our holiday in Turkey. Tesalate is an Australian company and we know that the Australians know all about being down the beach.

So what's different about the Tesalate beach towels?

Firstly they are microfibre, so they fold up so much smaller than your average beach towel - probably about a third of the size of my beach towels and they fit into a small little pouch. But I did find it heavier than a normal towel, so where you gain space in your suitcase or gym bag, you will also gain weight in your bags. You might think that you possibly cannot dry yourself if the towel isn't thick and fluffy but the microfibres in the Tesalate towel make it possible to dry faster than with a thick fluffy towel because the microfibres hold more water.

Because the Tesalate towel is a microfibre one so when you are at the beach and the towel gets covered in sand, it simply brushes off, so you don't take half of the beach home with you. And it holds up to a litre of water in it. The towel also dries faster than an average towel, so if you are in and out of the pool on holiday, the towel will dry between dips. I hate it when you try to dry off with a wet towel.

The colours within the Tesalate range or towels are bright and vibrant and the colour never faded after washing the towel. Tilly chose the Heartbeats towel because the colours remind her of pride and she is a big supporter of diversity and gay rights. The back of the towel is the branded black and white Tesalate design that you will find on all of the towels in the range. I really like the contrast in patterns and it is better than having a plain back. The towels are a good size for an adult but if you need a bigger towel or there are two of you then you can get a Towel for Two.

The towel has a hanging hook, so you can easily hang your towel, either in the changing room of the gym or in your bathroom. This will help it to dry quicker. You could also use the hook to hang your wet towel in your hotel room after a swim. The towels cost £49 and are available in 37 different designs and the towels for two are £79 and available in 4 different designs.

I love this towel and how small it folds, it can easily pop into the bottom of my bag for trips to the beach. I love the design and when I put it on my sunbed in Turkey, I will be able to find our sunbed because it is so bright. You can have your own Tesalate towel with a 15% discount using the code TILLYSMUMMY15 or you can win one of your own. All you need to do is go to the Tesalate website and tell us which towel you would like to win in the comments below and why you like it.

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