Thursday, 7 March 2019

Unboxing A LOL Doll Hair Goals Surprise

LOL dolls have come along way since that LOL Doll first ball came out, now you can even get some LOLs with proper hair that you can brush. These dolls come in a canister that doubles as a handbag and they unwrap the same as a normal LOL doll with the blind bag and we were sent some for Matilda to review and give her honest opinion on.

So how are they different from the original LOL surprises?

Apart from the shape and size of the canister, the packaging is the same, you still have the zip part of the packaging it open. I love this because sometimes you spend ages opening a package that is wrapped like this.

When you open the package there is an aerosol can shape and you will find a sticker, this gives you a clue to who your LOL doll is, you also find a sheet of all the dolls and a special magnifying glass.  The can has a lid that you remove from the top and underneath the lid is a bag containing what looks like a bracelet but it is, in fact, a carrying handle for your aerosol can, turning it into a bag.

Underneath the aerosol spray dome, there are three further blind bags, each containing a backpack, a pair of shoes and an outfit. Open the doors on the front of the cannister and you find that there is a doll that is wrapped inside a plastic shell, this builds the surprise up for the kids and they have to remove this to reveal their doll. These dolls have proper hair for your little one to brush and style, this makes them a proper little doll and is great for kids of Tilly's age that are really into brushing hair and styling at the moment. Inside the canister is two round smaller canisters that you open to reveal a hairbrush and a bottle. The smaller canisters also double up as rollers for your own hair to play hair do's.

The LOL doll drinks from the bottle and then she will wee and cry, or in our case, she also spat out at Tilly. and if you remove her clothes and place her in a bowl of ice cold water, she changes colour and reveals a set of underwear on her body.

 There are 12 different LOL dolls to collect in this series and each canister comes with 15 different surprises to use with your LOL doll. Because the front of the canister is made of tinted clear plastic, it can be used as a display cabinet for your LOL doll or you attach the handle and use it as a bag to carry her around. You can buy these LOL Doll Hair Goals from any good toy retailer and places like Argos for £15.99. The doll you get varies and its a real surprise when you open it up. 

Do your kids like LOL dolls? What id their favourite one to get?

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