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Ways To Bring Light Into Your Home

There is no better feeling than bringing light into your home. It makes your house feel so much cleaner and fresher as well as making it feel like your house is bigger. It is also a well-known fact that longer days and extra light are also very good for your mental health. Being so dark and dull is enough to make anyone feel down. As a blogger, I also rely on a lot of natural light coming into my house so that my photos are clear and bright. 

There are many ways to bring light into your house and some are just tricks of the light, but others will need investment, but this will only add extra value into your house. If you are thinking of selling your house, getting natural light into it is an excellent selling technique. So how can we get extra light into your house? It's easy if you follow some tips that we have put together for you. 

The magic of mirrors

Hanging mirrors around your house will double the amount of natural light coming into your home because they let light bounce from one to another. Even if you have shiny surfaces, it will help to create the magic of the mirrors. I have a huge mirror in my lounge that also doubles the size of the front room. If you place mirrors up your stairs, it adds natural light to them and also makes them look bigger.

Skylight in the roof

This will only work if you have a house on one level, but having a skylight with some double glazed windows. This will cut out the noise from outside and also help to keep the heat inside the house. This will add resale to the house and I think they also look fantastic in a roof. Imagine having a skylight and being able to look up at the stars at night - how amazing would that be? You could also watch the rain as it falls. Having a skylight in the roof will bring warmth into the house and the sun will also shine through.

Trim trees by the windows

The tree's in your garden and high fences right next to the windows will stop a lot of natural light coming into the house. You can easily trim these back or take drastic action and cut them down to let more light into the house. Try to keep fencing to a few feet high, if you put a 6-foot high fence outside your window, you will block out too much light. 

Think about your decor

If your walls are painted in a dark colour or you have wallpaper with a big and busy print, which, I'm sure looks lovely - isn't going to let much light into your house. Try to stick to light colours and also hang light curtains, rather than thick winter ones. Light coloured and pastel coloured cushions on your sofa and light rugs on your carpet will also make the house look like it is lighter and more welcoming. 

Big windows

I love big windows in a house because they also let so much light into it. As well as letting the natural light into the property, replacement windows will also add resell value to your house. A house with big windows is much more desirable to a new buyer because of all of the natural light that gets into the house. Having large windows cuts down on energy usage too and having natural light will make you feel so much better. Make Sure your windows haven’t blown because that will stop some light coming into the house because there will be condensation between the two lots of glazing.

Utilise your conservatory

If you have a conservatory attached to your house, make sure you don't block any of that natural light out. Don't overfill it with junk or furniture, it is, after all, a room for you to relax in. don't hang curtains in there and make sure your windows on the conservatory are clean. If you suffer from SAD/seasonal depression then a conservatory is a good place to sit and get some natural light. A conservatory is also an investment in your house because you will get the money back when you sell it. 

Think about the lights

When you switch your light on, the light bulbs are a yellow colour and it looks nothing like natural light in your home. You need to buy daylight light bulbs and if you suffer from winter depression then you can buy a seasonal lamp that will help you to bring natural light into the house. Sometimes using a daylight bulb will lift your mood immediately, especially if the weather is so rubbish and grim outside. In the winter, I need to use a lighting system to help get decent photo's for the blog. 

Do you have any tips on how we can get more natural light into our house? We would love to read them in the comments below. 

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