Wednesday, 6 March 2019

When You Yo-Yo on Slimming World - Don't Give Up

It's been a while since I wrote about my journey on slimming world, mainly because February was so hard! Everyone was so enthusiastic to get back on plan in January, after Christmas but by February I was struggling. I was yo-yo-ing with my weight and I would lose two pounds and then put three back on. It felt like it was a battle that I was never going to win. But every Monday, I would go to the group and weigh in - ever hopeful that I would lose again. If I maintained, I was happy. I wasn't even sticking to plan 100% either, I was having cheat days and then thinking that I could just cut out my syns for the rest of the week it doesn't work like that.
So I came to the decision that as I wasn't sticking to it 100%, then my mindset really wasn't in losing weight at the moment. I had a weekend in Holland where Cheese and Ham toasties are the 'go-to' food and I love them, so that's what I ate this time instead of pizza or hamburgers that I would normally eat. Throughout the 6 months that I have been going to Slimming World, I have always said that when I go away, I like to enjoy myself - I don't want to be worrying about food all the time. That's why I always come home from Holland, 3 or 4 lbs heavier than when I went. This time, as soon as I got home, I stuck to plan and cut down on my syns.

Thursday night I had a real battle going on in my head, did I want to carry on with Slimming World, or should I leave and then go back when I was ready? On one hand, I felt like I was failing at losing weight and on the other hand, I wanted to lose another 15 lbs before I go away on 30th April. I woke up early on Friday morning and somehow I had a renewed enthusiasm for slimming world, I wanted to go to the group and I made the choice to buy the countdown, so I had all of my sessions paid for until the end of May. Buying the countdown was so beneficial to me because my usual group is on a Monday and I don't get paid until Tuesday so I am always looking for money down the side of the sofa on Monday morning to pay for the group. With the countdown, you pay for 10 weeks but actually get 12 weeks at Slimming World. So two weeks are free too. They take out any holiday that you have booked.

I went along to the group last Friday morning and bought my Countdown and weighed in. I had actually lost 3 and a half lbs! I was so shocked. After so many weeks of struggling, I finally managed to get my 3 stone award. Being so close to an award but not quite reaching it for so long is somewhat upsetting but I was glad I got the award, I was glad that I stuck to Slimming World and I was glad that I bought that countdown. My enthusiasm for Slimming World is renewed and I now have that 3 and a half stone award dangling in front of me like a carrot in front of a donkey. I want this before Easter.

My moral of the story is that you should never give up on your Slimming World journey if you are struggling like I was. Mine was just a blip and I am hoping that I am out of it. I have tried so many other slimming groups in the past and I have lost a stone and a half, then given up because I was bored with the food or found the diet too restrictive. I feel proud that I have lost twice that amount with Slimming World and I carried on going despite it being so difficult over the past few weeks. I also have the attention of a flea, I think this is to do with my Bipolar, so to still be sticking to something after 6 months is quite an achievement for me. Reassess what you are eating and go back to food diaries.

On Monday I went to my usual group (only 3 days after Fridays weigh in) and I maintained, but I am happy with that because I met up with a friend at last minute in London and there was a bottle of wine each involved in meet up. Alcohol is something that I have completely cut down on since slimming world but wine is one of the worst alcoholic drinks that you can have because a whole bottle of red wine (750 ml) is a huge 38 syns a bottle for an alcohol level of above 12%. The problem with alcohol is that you forget to count the syns after a few drinks too, and then you have snacks to wash the drink down. It would have been so easy to order a pizza in but we had jacket potatoes instead.

Here is to the next week of Slimming World, and don't forget - it might be easy to give up if it's not going your way, but you will only regret it if you do. The days where you had to stick to a strict diet of salad food are well gone, now you can enjoy yourself and still lose weight.

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