Friday, 5 April 2019

Tillys Dyslexia Update And Exciting News

Recently I had our usual twice-yearly meeting with the school SEN about Matilda and her dyslexia. Dyslexia was picked up in year 2 and she was tested but found to have extreme intelligence but was 2 years behind on her school work. I was devastated! I felt a total failure as a mother and wondered why I had never pushed her to read and write when she was younger. I felt so guilty that I had let my child down. I had seen Kim struggle with severe dyslexia and Zach and Beth were both slightly dyslexic and I didn't want to see my littlest baby struggle too. She had been through so much already in her little life.

I did, however, want to give her a high five because she had managed to spend two academic years fooling the teachers with her reading because she was memorising the books that she was given to read. So although she was 'reading' them - she wasn't really. So I went along to the meeting a couple of weeks ago, to discover the most amazing news about her struggles to read and write.

Matilda Has really excelled in her reading and writing and is now only a few weeks behind her school friends and there is no need for her to carry on with the SEN help at school. Although she will still be on the radar in case she struggles in the future and it will be on her school record for the secondary school. Even the headmistress told me that she hadn't known anyone to be signed off SEN at the school. I am so unbelievably proud of how she has handled dyslexia. We have made sure that she was never treated any different or used dyslexia as an excuse or a label.

I am so proud of her, that she has really caught up with the help of the school and at home. With Kim having the same problems, she remembers how hard it was and she helped her through the past few years. She understands and is empathic to her needs and struggles, she is patient with her and gives her tips to help her reading. But most of all, her positive outlook for life and her positive mindset have helped her to be determined to read and write. Even the teacher said that she has such a positive mindset for everything in life and that has made her more confident towards her reading. She still has some work to do on her writing, but now she has started her own blog and can do Spelling shed on her laptop, then she can practice more at home.

Being so positive has definitely helped her over the past few years because she hasn't let it beat her. she has faced it head on and she has shown me how clever she is. This isn't the end of dyslexia and we have told her that it isn't going to go away. But she has achieved something that I didn't know was ever going to happen.  When I look back at the day she was diagnosed, I thought she would really struggle forever, I under-estimated my own child and the fight that she has inside her.

Matilda means 'Fighter' or 'warrior' and she reminds me of this EVERY SINGLE DAY when she comes on leaps and bounds. I am so proud of her and for Kim for helping her.

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