Thursday, 11 April 2019

Gosh Eye Products Review

Thanks to Vicky, my daughter's friend for putting together this blog post for us today. She is a vegan and only ever buys cruelty-free cosmetics to use, so she was perfect to write about these cosmetics that I received from GOSH. This is what she has to say about it. GOSH products can be bought from Superdrug and at the moment they are on an offer to save £2 on each product. This is what Vicky has to say about the Primer and eye products that she uses.

So, I should start this review by stating that I have become a bit of a GOSH fangirl since going vegan- their Rebel Eyes Mascara has been the best thing I ever bought make up wise. I love that the whole range is cruelty-free and the vegan items are clearly and easily labelled- an important thing for me!

I’ll start with the item I am least likely to buy again- the GOSH Overnight Primer Oil Essence. This is £14.49 currently online at Superdrug. This stuff feels AMAZING when you put it on, really feels like you’ve been to a spa or had a facial and it left my skin feeling super soft. However, I couldn’t see or feel any visible difference to my skin in the morning and I probably wouldn’t buy it myself. If you fancy just feeling like you’ve given your face a treat and you have £15 quid to spend then it is worth it but don’t expect miracles!

Next up: the GOSH Brow Pomade in Brown 001. This is currently £8.99 online at Superdrug.

The annoying thing about this is it doesn’t come with any way to apply it, so I had to order a brush; which took some time! Once that was dealt with through the colour is a good match for me (eyebrows are very light brown and thinner than I’d like thanks to teenage me being obsessed with having the thinnest eyebrows possible). It was super easy to apply (even for me!), went on smoothly and looked pretty natural- I am too pale for super heavy eyebrows so this was an ideal look for me!
I really like this stuff and will be adding it to my make up bag for when I have a little extra time to spend on my make-up
Finally: The GOSH Slanted Pro Liner in Matt Black 002. This is currently £6.99 online at Superdrug.

I am a complete liquid eyeliner novice and have tried all sorts of things that are meant to make it easier to apply with not a lot of luck. However, this was super easy. It feels nice going on, didn’t smudge and stayed put ALL DAY- even without the setting spray I usually finish my make up with. This will definitely become a staple in my make up bag now and has reinforced my love of GOSH as a brand. Cannot recommend this enough; especially if you are as useless as me usually with liquid eyeliner!

P.S The mascara I’m wearing is the GOSH Rebel Eyes- Buy it, you won’t be disappointed! (I am not in collaboration with GOSH, I promise! - although if someone in their team is reading, feel free to send me free stuff!)

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