Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Using Lightroom App To Enhance Your Photo's

Recently I was invited to go to London with Three UK and review their Huawei Mate phone, Whilst Matilda got to review the P20 Pro. I have the P20 Pro at home, as it is also my choice of a phone so it was easy for her to use.

We arrived at their flagship store in Oxford Street and we were met by one of their members of staff who told us that we were going to find some spots in and around Oxford Street where we could take some pictures and then enhance them using the Lightroom app on the phone. I had never used Lightroom before and normally just rely on my photo storage app to brighten them up or add filters on Instagram. I really am a novice in photography.

We took our chosen phone and familiarised ourselves with it before we went off to take some pictures. Although I had been shopping in Oxford Street before, I had never actually stopped to look at the scenery around the place. We went to Cavendish Square Gardens where we took some pictures of the scenery, using the camera on the phone as well as the Lightroom app. The app means you can alter the pictures as you take them, like using a DSLR. You can alter the lighting to get a better photo or you can alter the shutter speed to get a better picture too. Adjusting the shutter speed means you can capture moving pictures better.

We had many opportunities to get some pictures of different aspects of London and had a fun afternoon doing it. Matilda was even able to understand how to use Lightroom on the P20 Pro. The camera is the reason that I have the P20 Pro as my own phone because it has three cameras in the phone and the picture quality is excellent. I have written about the P20 Pro here and here. The Huawei Mate 20 Has the same camera capability of 40 megapixels and it has the same artificial intelligence to help you create the best pictures that you can - and to be honest, I need all the help that I can get. Both phones are easy to use and are available from

Using the Lightroom app was easy and you can really enhance your photos using it. It is free to download from your app store and free to use unless you want to use the additional options. The following pictures were taken by Matilda the first one was taken through the phone camera and the second photo was taken through the Lightroom camera, where she lightened it up before taking the picture.

Sometimes your photos are over processed and as lovely as you think the picture may be, you might need to tweak it a little bit. As you can see, the white roses are too white and they don't even look like flowers now, but in the second picture, I have adjusted it with the Lightroom app and now the picture is lovely.

Then you might want to completely change the look of a photo, its easily done by adding a filter, sometimes you fall in love with a photo but it just doesn't look right, so it's easy to add a filter to alter it slightly or completely change it to black and white.

These days I use it in most of my pictures, but don't just take my word for it. Download it and take a look for yourself.  You can get a P20 Pro from Three for £36 a month with 8GB of data and unlimited calls and texts and 128GB memory. The Huawei Mate is £46 a month with 8GB of data and unlimited texts and calls. 

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